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Captain Marxa

Female half-orc

Captain of a ship in Brightshore's fleet.


Marxa has leathery, sun-baked, olive-green skin. She wears a plain red captain's coat and dozens of colored glass beads woven into her wiry, raven-black hair.


Marxa is known for her competitive, adventurous spirit and short temper. She has a reputation for holding her crew to exceptionally high standards and firing them when they don't make the cut.

Ship & Crew

Marxa's ship is a small, fast caravel called the Eel, a nickname she gave it after it escaped its third battle. The nickname stuck and no one remembers the original name. Marxa often boasts that the Eel can outmaneuver any ship, and has challenged Captain Gombold to race more than once. The score has yet to be settled to either captain’s satisfaction. The Eel averages about 4 knots (about 100 miles per day), but has a top speed of about 8 knots.

She usually sails with a complement of 15-25. Ranking members include:


Marxa charges passengers on her ship 1 sp per mile if they're headed her way. For 100 gp a day, she'll sail adventurers to unexplored parts of Lorica, but only if they have a specific destination and a solid plan.

Created by Jude.

DM Lore

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