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Hall of the Honored

Not all adventurers who set out into the wilderness make it back to tell the tale. But their names live on in legend, and this page is where we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of Brightshore.

We will include name, a short description, and cause of death. Entries will be in reverse chronological order - most recent first and oldest last.

Triciary, Year 26

Triciary, Year 26

Unicus, Year 26
Died in a hail of arrows at the Citadel of Tash-Katung.

Nonagon, Year 25
Hero of the Battle of the Duskfall Tower, namesake of Zren Tower. At the last second, sacrificed himself and took the place of another to ensure the success of the ritual to kill General Nuthixa.

Baern Wildeheim
Nonagon, Year 25
Bravely sacrificed himself in the Battle of the Duskfall Tower to ensure that the ritual to destroy General Nuthixa succeeded.

Nonagon, Year 25
Hero of the Battle of the Duskfall Tower, died while standing toe to toe with the mighty General Nuthixa.

Killed by the jealous vampire Armastus in Kavonia Ma.

Enailis Glanodel
Triciary, Year 25
Died in Marco's summoning dungeon, his last act was to clear the way for his companions to leave while he stood against the fiends.

Oncemas, Year 24



Nonagon, Year 24
He fell to the darkness, as he fell to the floor
His fire extinguished, thought to light no more
But a second chance given, by Her bright burning fire
To forge Grenmör's soul to the sword She requires
With Her second chance given, he fought to his end
To ensure that Her light would live on in his friends
As the battle was over, he said bye to his kin
He collapsed to the ground, as the white tower did
Though he may be gone, his fire still burns
From the ashes he came to Her flame he returns

In the darkness of a cave, without the light of day.
Thorns and vines intertwined amongst his skin and bone.
What would it take to make you break!
The vicious query did come.
Bennus broken and weary said: Only death, only death.
In that moment of profound sadness, before he was torn in twain,
Came a moment of utmost gladness, for he knew, one day,
He would see his friends again

Finn Goodleaf
Triciary, Year 24
Voluntarily gave himself to a mighty kraken to spare the ship and crew its wrath.

We built a tiny garden
In the corner of our thoughts
Kept it just for lovely things
And bade all else apart
And ever was there music
And flowers blossomed fair;
And never was it perfect
Until Finn entered there.
Swimming in the ocean
His body may be gone
But that lucky little halfling
Forged in us a great strong bond

Nigma wanted loot
To buy some fancy boots
But ingesting ghost porridge
Put their body in cold storage

Havellin Emmerich III
Mephits hit in great big numbers
Arcane human without a chance
Steaming pulsing painful boat ride
Mournful lifeforce ebbing seaward


Tercios Alamath
Noble hero rising to the task!
From the sea! From the sea!
“Act righteous” was his only ask!
From the sea! From the sea!
Telling evil, dark witches nay!
From the sea! From the sea!
He died so that others can see another day!
From the sea! From the sea!

Big Mike
Stone men hold no fear
To giants born of boulders.
But slimes are tricky.

Against the cult of the kraken, they say
It was brave Victorio who led the way.
But when he hit the ground
His friends turned around
And left him to die in the bay.

Octolus, Year 23
Killed by carrion crawlers in the sewers.

A child born of stone,
Death's vulture came upon him,
To stone he returned.

An original man, with many stories to tell,
Stood tall in the face of death's knell,
Heroic support to a Tabaxi on a roof,
As though his braveness needed any proof,
All came to a close with a ghost where dusk fell.

Not even Hell's gate could frighten Binval the Warlock,
But before he could reach it, he was mauled by a vrock.

The Elven Ranger known as Ger
Gave his life for Ava's quest.
His bow and stealth availed him not
When griffons found him in their nest.

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