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Player Character Roster

This roster is a place to keep track of player characters who are currently active in the colony.

If you would like to add your character to our roster, just give one of our DMs your character name and a 1-2 sentence bio. If you like, you can also include your name as a player and a link to your character sheet on D&D Beyond or another external host.

Active Characters

Apple Slicer is a strange, drow-like Warforged, complete with the traditional Samurai armor. Although her answers to questions such as “Where are you from?” and “How old are you?” vary wildly, she seems content to allow the confusion. She can often be found with a couple of other local drow of her House or off testing her limits.

Drax is a grumpy old tortle who ended up in Brightshore by accident, loathes having to get out of his chair to solve problems, and gripes endlessly about “adventurers these days having things too easy.”

Errol Twice-Blessed is a Human Cleric who worships the four. He recently arrived in Brightshore and has already made a name for himself. He is often found in the Nicked Rock telling seemingly tall tales of his exploits, but there always seems to be somebody swearing they “saw it with their own eyes.” Played by Brian.

Flint is a Dwarf Ranger who is handy with a bow or hammer depending on the need. The last surviving member of his clan he spent many years alone as a wandering hermit before coming to Brightshore so he isn't the best in social situations. Flint is a Smith and Herbalist and he knows forest's like the back of his hand. He favors the Nicked Rock as his favorite place to drink.

Flint Fireforge is a young dwarf zealot barbarian. He will not share his past unless he trusts you. He is always smiling and seems happy, but in his eyes you can tell something is wrong. He loves to kill goblins and the undead (he wants to send them to Unre, his goddess).

Galvan the Guilty is a mysterious knight-errant exiled for crimes he may or may not have committed. He is missing an eye, but some say this adds to his bewitching allure. Played by Nickolas.

Gliftrix the tiefling is the writer of the Voice of Brightshore, a monthly periodical. Played by Jude.

Gunni Littlebottom is a male silver dragonborn who has lived the majority of his life in Brightshore, after escaping the destruction of his clan during the Vessar war. He's currently a freelance adventurer, seeking to gain fame and fortune and help others find theirs. Played by Jesse4.

Hraesvelgr Brynja is a female dragonborn paladin, who, along with her four clutchmates, has lived the majority of her approximately three decades in Brightshore after escaping the destruction of her clan during the war in Vessar. She's currently a guard, but is beginning to feel the call of Unre to promote and uphold justice in Brightshore and the surrounding lands. She/her. Played by Paula.

Hraesvelgr Katla is a female dragonborn sorcerer, the clutchmate of Brynja. She's generally seen around town in regular “human” clothing and headscarf, as she prefers not to frighten people with her shiny white-silver scales. She's recently discovered magical talent, and is adventuring to learn more about her skills and herself. She/her. Played by Paula.

Knochen is a winged Tiefling wizard with goat legs, cloven hooves, and six fingers on each hand. He began as a surgeon, but found his way to the magic of life, death, and undeath during his dissections and anatomical inquiries. He still remembers how to use an herbalism kit and poisoners kit, and still carries a healer's kit, although his specialization in the school of necromancy has left little room to remember any other healing skills. He has had a difficult past, which he is not eager to discuss. This has left him a bit cautious to trust others and in forming new friendships. Played by Paul Z.

Kujo Funabashi is a human warrior from a fallen noble house. He seeks a fresh start in a new land. Played by Jude.

Maevis is a charismatic tiefling who prides herself on the art of sword dancing. With a flurry of steel and a bright smile, she wins over many peoples’ favors…and perhaps their gold as well.

Nevrus is a 19 year-old Human Paladin of Redemption, Acolyte of Unre. Raised in the Temple of Unre after being given up in infancy, Nevrus has remained solemn and solitary. Often preferring the dark and quiet of the Temple Archives he set out to adventure expecting his martial skills to be his greatest asset, he has recently been forced to become more sociable and open to the outside world and prefers diplomacy to force whenever possible.

Runt is a short, dirty, Gnome who reeks of moldy basement. Completely mad, he speaks in disconnected phrases that often have a hidden meaning. Though difficult to understand, he often knows more than most about the creatures that threaten Brightshore. Played by Adam

Shimmer on Silver Clouds, or simply Shimmer, is a boisterous young Snow Leopard female Tabaxi who is a kitten at heart. She loves having fun and playing games and is overall new to a lot of what life has to offer. She wants to make people happy and will go to great lengths to avoid causing anyone pain… unless they deserve it. She lives in the city park among the trees and enjoys her 3 daily cups of coffee and a good run. Played by Mat.

Starlight on Golden Boughs (Goldie for short) is a seal point Siamese ragdoll tabaxi. Raised to be the next head of an alchemist's guild, she discovered the guild's corrupt dealings and informed on them. In her escape to Brightshore, she accepted the help of a fey becoming a warlock, beholden to the archfey Titania of the Summer Court. She's hoping to find friends and a home away from the reach of her family, wanting to make the most of this fresh start. She/her, played by Jennifer B.

Vesfyria Pyrehart is a 21 year old yuan-ti divine sorceress hailing from the steamy, deadly south eastern jungle. She came to Brightshore with the ill-fated Bradford Expedition. Born with an inner celestial spark, she was never comfortable with the dark, bloody rituals of her people and much prefers cultivating flowers, talking to squirrels, and experimental pastel hair colors. She's passionate about incorporating sustainable agriculture into the Grove.

Retired Characters

Amara is a short, caramel-skinned female human who hails from Elinarea, one of the Seven Cities of Ghuld. She grew up in an Drow enclave in the city of elves, but left there after she saw the constant violence of the city was not the norm. A strange yearning and calling from her god - an unknown one of music and chaos - has brought her to Brightshore. Played by Jesse4

Cleo Catra - Young Eurasian Lynx tabaxi from the Moon-Shadow tribe. Arrived in Brightshore Year 22 where she joined the Defenders to protect the people, eventually becoming an officer. She met her now husband, Norio, here and built a little life, with her 3 young kittens born just after leaving the city. She and her family decided to move back to her homelands to rebuild and live in simplicity and safety.

Clicknclack is only a little kenku who wishes to keep everyone safe in their new home by punching bad guys real hard. They miss the nice brothers who owned the wagon repair shop, but there are lots of people who seem to like them now, so, as Sister Muriel once said “it's this or door-to-door.” They/them, played by Jennifer B.

Enkeh Nere is an Aasimar solider trying to throw off the burden of serving the divine. She is competent with a spear and tries to annoy her patron. Played by Marty.

Sir Maximillian von Tibblesworth was a tuxedo tabaxi bard whose impetuous and lascivious ways led to insulted nobles and jilted lovers putting a hefty bounty on his fur. He fled to Draobmi because he can't comprehend the concept of living a quiet life, but would prefer to keep his head on his shoulders. In Septimus 24 AFB, Max and his newfound family sailed off into the sunset.

Thorin is a quiet giant (Firbolg) who on rare occasions can be found enjoying a dwarven ale. If he was not 8' tall many would mistake him for a dwarf. Thorin is an accomplished herbalists, medical practitioner, and Mason.

Zentariel is a red Dragonborn Paladin and Warlock. She hails from the faraway Seven Cities of Ghuld. After many adventures in the service of Brightshore and running the Hall of Hunters, she was exiled from the city for selling the Luminaire to Summer Camp without permission. She joined Summer Camp after the exile, which is where her adventure here ends.

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