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Rules of Player Conduct

Adventure Log

You are responsible for maintaining an Adventure Log that details the following information for each session you participate in.

  • Session date.
  • DM's name.
  • Awards gained and spent, including experience, gold, items (magical and mundane), and downtime days.
  • Any other noteworthy events that may affect future sessions, such as contracting a longterm disease or gaining a deity's blessing.

A DM may ask to see your adventure log at any time.

Number of Players

Tables are limited to 1-6 players, not including the DM. In the event that there are more players than spots available, spots will be filled based on reservation first, and then on a first-come first-serve basis.

Sensitive Content

DMs and players should try to avoid potentially sensitive topics that might make others at the table uncomfortable. These include (but are not limited to) references to sex or sexual harassment, explicit depictions of violence, torture, or gore, domestic abuse, severe drug/alcohol abuse, and racism.

We recognize that it's impossible to know for sure what others will or won't be upset by, and that sometimes it might be necessary to mention these things in the course of an adventure. Please, be mindful of the way you address these topics and how people react to your actions. If they seem uncomfortable, stop. If you're unsure how someone might take something, ask.

Finally, if something happens that makes you uncomfortable, please either say so at the table or, if it's easier to discuss in a more private setting, bring it to the attention of one of the DMs or store staff, and we'll do our best to address it in a timely and respectful manner.

Romance and PC vs. PC Behavior

Romance and conflict between player characters can often add another avenue for fun and drama at a table. Some players are okay with other players attempting to flirt with, seduce, deceive, steal from, intimidate, mind-control, or injure their character. Some are not. Both of these are valid styles of play.

Before your character engages in any of the above behaviors towards another player's character, you must ask for and receive that player's fully informed consent. If the other player doesn't want their character to be the target of that behavior, please do not do it.


Your DM has the final say in any disputes about the rules or conduct that come up during the session. Keep in mind that different DMs may have slightly different ways of running the game. If you have any concerns, please bring them to the attention of your DM or Mark after the session.

Character Death

If your character dies, there are options for bringing them back from the dead, such as a raise dead spell cast by another player character or a non-player character. Depending on the spell and the circumstances, your character's body may need to be recovered intact and a price may need to be paid for at least the components of the spell, if not the casting service as well.

If the requirements for casting a spell to return a character to life are not met during the adventure or prior to the next scheduled session of Brigtshore, your character will be removed from the campaign and added to our Hall of the Honored. You may continue to play in future sessions, but you will need to create a new character.

The exception to this rule is the 7th level spell Resurrection, which functions as per the spell description.

Lastly, scrolls, material components, and NPC's that can bring a character back to life are extremely limited, and will only rarely be found.

Character Retirement

At any point you may choose to 'retire' your character, permanently turning over control of them to the Weavers and no longer playing them in adventures. To retire a character, simply inform the Weavers of the request.

In certain cases, your character may be forced to retire and be turned over to Weaver control. This is a rare event and largely up to Weaver discretion based on your character's actions, but established guidelines currently include:

  • Your character performs an action that the Weavers agree is considered evil in the world
  • Your character chooses to become a parent, and then retires for the adventures of parenthood
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