About Brightshore

One of the greatest joys anyone can have in gaming is sitting around a table and chucking a d20. There’s no other experience that offers worlds of infinite possibility limited only by imagination, and no other experience that can so compellingly create bonds that quickly turn strangers into friends, and friends into comrades in arms.

One of the questions we struggled with at I’m Board was how to tap into this infinite storytelling well, and how to create the right social atmosphere that supported open play, where strangers could meet up and adventure together, where you could meet new people, and where lasting connections could be nurtured.

Brightshore is our solution. A shared, persistent campaign setting where decisions you make matter, where those decisions impact the future of the world, where past interactions can determine future interactions, and where players have unparalleled freedom to interact with both the world and each other.

In Brightshore, no matter how you create your character, in short order you will develop a history. During your adventures, your deeds may be sung by the bards of the land or make the news of our in-world blog-newspaper. Some characters strive for fame, lavishing in the headlines and adorations of the masses. Others prefer the shadows, some seek to unlock the secrets of this unusual land, and others simply seek wealth and power. What matters is that it’s all there to interact with, and it’s up to you how you choose to do so.

In between sessions, you’ll spend your time around town, developing your character in whatever ways make sense to you. Using whatever talents and resources you have, maybe you’ll become a famous performer, or perhaps you’ll aspire to create the most complete garden to be found anywhere in the city. What you do is up to you, and so is how you do it. But always is the lure of more adventure, the wealth, the powerful magic, the danger.

Brightshore brings with it a spirit of collaboration. The world was crafted not by a single DM, but by many. It has been built from the ground up with the intent that we can all add our unique talents, insights, and passions to collectively build something greater than any one of us could build alone. Players have a real say in what the world looks like, and are free to offer adventure ideas of their own, contribute to the lore, and more. The DMs arbitrate the world, but with that same spirit of collaboration that launched the Brightshore. .

Most importantly, Brightshore is a place where everyone is welcome at the table. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never rolled dice or tried using a funny accent, our DMs and players will help introduce you to the world and to the fantastic possibilities of roleplaying games.

Come join us! We want you to help build our world through the thrilling heroics and harrowing adventures of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons!