The Brightshore Observer, Triciary 25

The Brightshore Observer

A Northern Voyage

This month with approval from my fellow council members, I traveled north on Marxa’s Eel to a land called Wyrmfrost. I learned much and had successes in both exploration and diplomacy. In the northern lands, we found vast portions of the ocean flash frozen into crashing waves of still ice. The Eel became trapped and then was beset by a great white dragon named Kithog.

With the aid of a goliath named Volgo, my team and I were able to fell the beast.Volgo said he was to be named King soon in his lands of Castimir, south of the Wyrmfrost.Slaying the dragon was part of his quest, and a heroic deed required for the earning of his title. Volgo welcomed me and the crew to come visit Castimir, where we would be welcomed as brothers and sisters. It is my hope that we will be able to continue positive interactions with him and his people and establish trade, maybe even an alliance.That is not all though.

We were able to learn a great deal about our surroundings and additional peoples of this continent. Further south of Castimir are crags we learned are called the Giants’ Stair. East of Wyrmfrost is a village of small timid fish folk. South East of the Wyrmfrost however, we were informed there is a desert where the people are rich with the finest steel and gold.
— Chancellor Galvan Gost

I accompanied Sir Galvan and other fellow members of the Gost citadel on a mission of exploration along the northern coast. We set sail upon the Eel under Captain Marxa. The accommodations were most disagreeable, as the Captain refused my most reasonable request to evict one of her officers from their cabin so I could have lodgings that befit my age and station, instead having the audacity to suggest I sleep on deck. I ended up in a hammock below decks beneath a snoring, farting dwarf. To make matters worse, there was a storm and the ship rocked so violently I couldn’t sleep. I had to give the captain a stern talking-to before the situation was resolved. Oh, and also we fought a white dragon and gave its head to a fellow who called himself King but didn’t look very regal at all.
— Ezra

Life Lost Amongst the Lizardfolk

Kehlgin (the Dwarven monk), Yarrrr (the Kenku bard), and Jeff (as the Tabaxi bard who performs at the Nicked Rock is known) were tasked by a lizardfolk to help free the breathmaster from some foul magic that was making him more violent and mean than usual. After 10 days of travel they arrived at the old structure where the lizardfolk were staying.

They attempted to sneak in, but Kehlgin slipped on a moss covered rock and fell into a sort of moat. With the element of surprise lost Kehlgin charged into the keep but was unable to successfully defeat the breathmaster.

However, Yarrrr was able to snatch a magic pipe that the leader of the lizardfolk had and when Jeff broke the pipe every lizardfolk fled. A heavily injured Kehlgin fled as well. A short time later a sort of tiger man flew out of the keep chasing Yarrrr. Kehlgin tried to aid the clearly out matched Kenku, but was swiftly knocked unconscious by the powerful tigerman.

When Kehlgin regained consciousness he discovered that Yarrrr had somehow managed to kill the powerful enemy, but that Jeff had been killed by the evil creature. They took a day to travel to the Skipriver village with Jeff’s body, where the villagers explained who the adventurers had fought. Unable to resurrect Jeff, they provided aid to help Yarrrr and Kehlgin return to Brightshore hoping to find someone capable of reviving the Tabaxi hero.

Family Notices

Our prayers are with the family and loved ones of the adventurer Enailis Glanodel, who passed away on a venture outside of the city this month.

We congratulate the family and loved ones of the adventurer Jeff, who was returned to life after a short period of being deceased. May the light of this world continue to shine on you for many years to come.


Zentariel’s Parting Advice
By now, I have been exiled by the Council, but I want to leave Brightshore some final words of advice and knowledge. This is both about the Council and other enemies.

More than half the Council knows how to make a magic item that allows the bearer to look like anyone, as does the Hall of Hunters and many other individuals. In addition, the Red Sash goblins are able to do the same. Keep alert and maintain constant vigilance. The illusion is only for your eyes, so touch hair, listen to voices, smell their scent. With this warning, you should not be deceived.

The Second Council are but five kings on five hills. They do not work as one for you and keep their counsels hidden. Archon Twice-Blessed said I would likely get a warning for my actions. Arbiter Fallwood decided that my efforts to help Brightshore were worthless and I should be cast out.

Do not trust a Councillors words. They will double back on them in a week or some months. Do not give them service when they ask it. It will not be considered. The Consul even lied to the rest of the Councillors to try to buy my allegiance.

If you wish a better place, go to Saltrock or Boviomatua. There at least you won’t have to deal with the Councillors.

Max: Missing?
It has now been several months since any Brightshorian has seen Consul Maxmillian von Tibblesworth. Where is the Consul? Why is he neglecting his duties in the city? The people elected six councillors, and we are now down to four. The Arbiter is doing the work of three–Indomitable, Arbiter, and Marshall–and the Chancellor has been picking up the duties of the newly created role of Consul. Why was the Consul’s only official act to instigate a treaty with a vampire? Why has he not been seen in the months since? There are rumors of war and peoples who wish to ally with Brightshore, but the Consul is nowhere to be found.

The Second Council, in the few months of its existence, has gone from six people chosen by the people to replace those we trusted to a oligarchy of four. Why has the Indomitable not been replaced? Where is the Consul?
– A Concerned Citizen

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