Voice of Brightshore, Nonagon 24

Kintsugi Tower Explodes, Council Election Called

In a startling display of pyrotechnics, the landmark Kintsugi Tower exploded and collapsed. Details remain sparse, but early reports indicate that Chancelor Orrin activated the magical power of the tower to achieve some unknown end, though credible rumors indicate it involved opening a portal to the lower planes and summoning an Archdevil, and the rest of the Council followed to assist. As the magic surged around the tower, monstrosities and aberrations appeared outside the tower, and Indomitable Bradford and the Defenders held them off while brave adventurers ventured inside to help the Council.
Accounts of the events inside the tower vary wildly, but it is clear that the heroes were scattered along with the council members and that all of the adventurers faced dire trials and strange events.

It is unknown what caused the tower to collapse, but it was impossible to miss the massive explosion of magical energy that preceded the tower’s fall. Magical energy radiated outward from the tower and spread from horizon to horizon. Then the top of the tower imploded, ejecting the adventurers who survived the experience outside the tower.
Marshal Veil, Jorpot the Shinyman, and Grenmöre were among those killed during the events, and Selene immediately called for the election of a new Council to ensure Brightshore’s continued prosperity.


Editorial Submission: Errol Twice-blessed

Friends and Neighbors,

I write to you today in response to the monumental change Brightshore has seen in the last month. The destruction of the Kintsugi Tower has shaken us all. It had stood as a pillar of consistency since before Brightshore was founded and now that it is gone, it is only natural for us to question what the future has in store for our fair town. Undoubtedly some will take it as a harbinger of the future; that more pain and suffering are in store for we who have already suffered so much. Some will take the opportunity that Captain Sol is providing with his voyage to the Smoking City; I can not fault them for that. Brightshore has not been what I expected. Perhaps some normalcy can be found beyond the fog. I pray you brave souls will find what you are seeking. But many more of us will stay in Brightshore, for it is our home and we will continue to make it a beacon for those who fight oppression; a place where neighbors stand together and help each other in any way they can. We will strive to make it a more perfect community, knowing that while we may not reach “perfection,” we will attain excellence.

For those who stay and continue our journey, we have an opportunity not often granted. For the first time since I arrived, we have the chance to reshape the Council of Brightshore. With so many former council members lost and unable to continue this monumental service to Brightshore, the new council will certainly look much different. There are many outstanding options for us to choose for the council. Truly we would be blessed to have any of them serve, but there are a few that stand out from among all these exceptional candidates. I hope you’ll indulge me as I sing their virtues.

First and foremost among the potential candidates is Cleo Catra. Of all the friends I’ve met in my time in Brightshore, Cleo is the one who has always put the needs of the town ahead of her own. I truly believe that in her mind we are all her family and anyone who knows her knows how hard she would fight for those she believes in. I don’t know if she would accept a council membership, and if she declined it would surely be because she felt she could do the most good being out in the wilderness beyond our walls, identifying threats, and protecting us in countless ways. I hope she’ll get the chance to make that decision.

Among the existing council members there is one who has already done much to change the nature of the council. I believe he deserves more time on the council to continue his mission. Malcolm Bradford, the newest member of the council, the inaugural indomitable, has a clear head and a willing and able sword arm. He has many times shielded others in danger. If not for him I shudder to think of what would have happened at the Battle of Brightshore, or when the Owl and his minions arrived, or when the chaos happened at the tower. There are countless other times he has been instrumental in the protection of Brightshore. I implore you to vote, as I will, to return this true Defender of Brightshore to the council.

My third recommendation may come as a bit of a surprise for he is a polarizing figure to many. In the nearly two years I’ve spent in Brightshore I’ve found no one more compassionate and caring, though he may not like me to say such a thing. I speak of Sir Galvan Gost. I have seen this man interact in the kindest of ways with the youth in the farms beyond our walls. I have seen him stand alone against overwhelming odds while extolling his companions to escape as he covers the retreat. On one particularly dark day, I joined him in an attempt to recover his most cherished friends from kidnapping. I have no doubt he would gladly have traded places to grant them freedom. I believe he would do the same for any of us. Galvan would be a great addition to the council.

As for the remaining candidates, I’m not sure we can go wrong with any of them. Enkeh Nere has been in Brightshore since birth and I believe we all know she is destined for greatness. Perhaps it is time she joined the council. Fallwood, the druid, is among the wisest people I know. Compassionate and caring, fiercely protective, he would be another great candidate. My good friend Ezra has a unique perspective on the world. He has seen so much over so many years, perhaps he should help guide our path into the future. Baern Wildeheim is another fine option, for although he is a young dwarf, he has been with so many of us since the founding of Brightshore and truly has its best interests at heart. These are just a few of the candidates who I can vouch for. Truly, any of the candidates would be good choices.

As for myself, I would be honored if you considered me for a council position. If you were to elect me, I would spend all my free time doing everything in my power to make Brightshore a better place for all of us. They call me “Twice-Blessed”, but if you were to elect me to the council, I would consider myself Thrice-Blessed. Rest assured, whether I am elected or not, I will continue to serve all of Brightshore in any way possible.

I thank you for your time.

-Errol Twice-Blessed


Lavonia Lost

Lavonia has been officially stricken from the maps as the latest attempt to establish contact found the colony in ruins.

Lavonia was a village started over a year ago by a band of ambitious explorers and settlers looking to start their own colony apart from Brightshore. They had hoped to build a point of contact between Brightshore and the halfling tribes to the south. However, they settled farther afield than the Council had recommended, choosing a spot by an uncharted river at the edge of the woods, about two-weeks’ travel away. They were supposed to report back to the Council regularly, but if they were sending messengers, they never reached Brightshore. All attempts made by the Council to reestablish contact with them failed.
Seven months ago, a group of adventurers set out to the colony and found that the villagers had been afflicted by some sort of curse that transformed them into monsters with the heads of bulls. The adventurers were able to reverse the curse, and the determined colonists continued to live in the area, despite the obvious perils their chosen location posed.

A month ago, another party was sent to try and make contact once more. This time, they found the colony in ruins and discovered that it had been attacked by cyclopes. Although the party succeeded in defeating the cyclopes and rescuing the survivors, only five colonists were still alive by that time.

The Council (this was before they were disbanded, following the destruction of Kintsugi Tower) remained interested in sponsoring attempts to establish new outposts in the wilderness, despite Lavonia’s tragic end, but recommended a closer, more defensible location for the next attempt. But now that the Council has been shattered, this may have to wait until after the votes have been counted in our upcoming election.


Letter from the Ambassador of the Dark Forest

Dear citizens, but mostly adventurers, of the great city of Brightshore:

As many of you are aware, the Dark Forest to our city’s southeast is a place popular for going on quests and adventures. At this time, I would like to urge you to look elsewhere. Our city is currently involved in diplomatic negotiations with denizens of the Forest who desire peace, and incidents could prove not just hazardous to yourself, but to the city as a whole. If you have urgent need of something in the area, or have additional questions, please speak to Ambassador Vesfyria Pyrehart, normally in the Grove but spending a fair bit of time in town this month.

-Ambassador Vesfyria Pyrehart


Lighthouse Construction Begun

Reports indicate that the ruins of the ancient lighthouse on Lookout Isle have been cleansed of undead by a band of adventurers.They reportedly braved numerous undead and a number of deadly traps before accomplishing their goals.

Though there is no reported undead activity, a handful of builders entered the ruins below the lighthouse and were swiftly killed by some of the cleverly hidden traps that remained untriggered. Access to the tunnels has since been blocked off and further exploration of the tunnels banned, while work has resumed above-ground.

Additionally, there are reports of a strange cliffside temple on the island, and it appears to be dedicated to a kraken. Unusual noises have been heard there at night. Builders and guards alike refuse to approach the temple.

The council has announced that the lighthouse on the island will be rebuilt and that a permanent garrison will be maintained there in order to keep the lighthouse running and to ensure that no more foul creatures attempt to make their home on the island.


Silver Crawfish’s Maiden Voyage Marred by Murder

Tragedy struck the Silver Crawfish, Brightshore’s first and only riverboat casino, on its maiden voyage early this month. The Silver Crawfish is a large, oar powered vessel that makes its way upriver early in the evening and then returns to the city early in the morning. The ship boasts the finest complimentary food and beverage selection, and patrons are treated to a night of dancing and rolling the dice.

The ship was designed to skirt gambling regulations implemented by the Council, but it found itself in deeper trouble when Lady Agnes Toustain was found murdered by poison aboard the ship on its first voyage up the Olteus River.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a band of adventurers led by a soldier named JT, and the decisive actions of Captain Miriam Cortes, the murderer was apprehended before she could strike again.

Priestess Petrina of the Shrine of Menran was found to have killed Lady Toustain and was in possession of more vials of deadly poison, enough to easily kill again. Though she was found guilty, no motive was established, and the Priestess is to be sentenced later next month.

During the course of the investigation, a Mage of the Arcanum, Vanuath, assaulted young Lord Osmond Quincy and was fined after a brief jail sentence.

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