Voice of Brightshore, Septimus 24

Vampire Lord in Dark Forest Seeks Treaty

A party of adventurers led by Vesfyria, herself a new arrival from Goodleaf Jungle, was dispatched to further investigate the ruins of Kavonia Ma, an ancient city on the edge of the Dark Forest.

The city was found to be partially reconstructed. A bridge of the Ava River has been built, and reports are that there is a keep under construction as well. The party arrived to find a female elf yelling for help from inside a corpse flower that was headed across the bridge. They gave chase and were attacked by undead and gargoyles.

The party made it inside the keep and found the elf being chained to a wall next to an unconscious human man in a dungeon of vampires.

As the party fought with the vampires, another vampire, apparently their master, arrived. He called himself Armastus, claimed the whole affair was a monstrous misunderstanding, and invited the adventurers to negotiate over dinner.

Armastus agreed to release the adventurers, along with the two captives in his dungeon, on the condition that the party promptly return with a treaty from Brightshore recognizing the Dark Forest across the Ava River as belonging to him.

Though the council has yet to make a decision, it is rumored that a dialog between the vampire lord and the council has been opened, but as a warning for now at least, anyone who wanders into the Dark Forest is liable to be captured and likely killed by Armastus and his followers.

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