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The Smoking City

This city-state is one of the northern-most locations in the known world. Most of the land outside of the Smoking City is rocks and sand, making the City the only place with civilization year round.

The Smoking City gets its name from the number of little cracks in the earth where steam and smoke escape. Although many are erratic as to the time they ventilate, some are more permanent, including the one in the center of the island. Legend claims that when the first people to come to the island arrived, they subdued and trapped a great beast of fire and brimstone into the island itself, though many people feel that it is pure superstition.

Due to the lack of agricultural land, a lot of City folk are fishers, shipwrights, or captains. The Smoking City's navy is well known for incredible shock tactics, stealth approaches in massive ships, and an annual sailing competition that includes slaloming between other ships, ballista targeting, and a traditional feast.

Many of those from the Smoking City hold traditions that outsiders find strange, such as use of patronyms, an odd language that never borrows from other languages, an affinity to fae, and equal standing of male and female children in inheritance.

Notable Brightshore Citizens of the Smoking City

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