Voice of Brightshore, Duolus 24

Those Are Big Owls

Frightened citizens reported witnessing horror ensue in the crossroads district at the beginning of this Duolus. Not one, but two enormous owls dove out of the sky into Brightshore. Experts estimated their wingspans were around 90 ft. across. But as they landed, both were observed shapeshifting.

The first owl — a large white owl, reported as injured — carried something with it. We have received mixed reports of what that item was, but what was consistent is that the owl appeared to have turned into a wood elf. Citizens pealed backwards as the wood elf screamed nonsense just before the second owl arrived.

The second owl was black, with a trail of billowing, dark smoke and red eyes. The black owl descended upon the wood elf. Some say there was a horde of creatures that came with them; others say a natural tornado suddenly appeared as the black owl turned into something horrible, like what you’d describe living in the woods to scare your children.
Thankfully, both owls left Brightshore without causing harm to anyone, a fate we hope continues as we fear for our safety with such beasts — or whatever they are — still out there and clearly aware of our city.


Catra Manor Infestation: Oh Rats

Disturbing reports have been streaming in regarding a recent disaster at the Cleo Catra Manor, a shelter to help those in need of warm food, a warm bed, and new opportunities. Guards and citizens reported an innumerous amount of rats pouring from below, into the kitchens! Just before all hope was lost, the notable Mrs. Morgan Bradford and a group of brave, rat-fighting adventurers arrived. The adventurers volunteered to lock themselves inside the kitchen and the town waited in angst, safe beyond the barricade. Alas, our heroes survived and snuffed out the beginnings of the epidemic! Thank ye heroes.


The Nicked Rock Reopens

The final days of the month saw the grand reopening of the Nicked Rock. Now owned by local legend Errol Twice-Blessed, it appears to have been built to exacting specifications to look and feel exactly like the old Nicked Rock. Somehow, they’ve even managed to mostly recreate the smell of the place, which has led to rumors of Arcanum involvement.
The Twice-Blessed had this to say, “I am thrilled that the Nicked Rock has been returned to us after its tragic destruction. Many of us in Brightshore have had memorable moments here, so it’s only right that it be restored to its former glory. The Gods willing we will all have many years to enjoy its unique environment.”


Dragon Statue in Park Now Features Real Dragon!

An unusual, tiny dragon that calls itself Fancyscale has made a home out of the smoking dragon statue in the park.

While investigating, I found several of my missing quills in its so-called “Lost and Found,” but Fancyscale also made sure to let me know about an upcoming contest to win free item enchantments. Fancyscale refused to elaborate, but I will keep trying to uncover how this contest works–and maybe find more of my missing items!

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