Bradford’s Song

Bradford’s Song
As performed by Hector the Bard at the Wink and Whistle

Swift toward the Hellion’s Mouth they rode, the party o’ Sir Galvin Gost.
Fleet time they made through farmers’ fields, but oh my at what cost?

A goliath’s blade, Karst the shamed, this butcher slaughters many.
At Ezra’s call, these peasants fall, the blue blood gives not a penny.

Maevis the beauty, a peculiar duty, the dancer asks for this violence to end.
Not so cold, never in it for gold, my lord cries that the party rescind.

Thrall the Stout, with commoner’s clout, leads our heroes to Stromburg’s stay.
Errol Twice-Blessed, now cursed like the rest, feels the gaze of his gods turn away.

Cider in belly, served toast and jelly, off to find Bradford the generous.
Not just a vandal, a scandal I’d say, no help received from his butler the venerous.

They found devils and orcs, dodged spears and forks, our noble friends enter the mouth of the cave.
They burned down the wild, albeit this time t’was mild, how many men would they save?

A demon danced, goliath advanced, nobility demonstrated propensity for rule.
prayer fell on deaf ears, the worst of his fears, a cleric exposed bare as a fool.

The lord was saved, his path was paved, Karst journeyed the highborn’s return.
Something undone, deeper they’d run, their mission could not yet adjourn.

Deeper four crawled, mauled and appalled, a legion of fiends lay in wait.
Uncalled but unwalled, Galvin drawled and then stalled, with Errol he closed up the gate.

Remember Galvan the knight, keeper of light, noble among nobles esteemed.
and Errol Twice-Blessed, though a time once hexed, now and for always redeemed.

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