Duolus, Year 23

Giant Felled in Single Combat!

If you’ve stopped in to the Nicked Rock at all this past month, you’ve likely heard Jerom Huecloak performing his new work, The Ballad of Errol Twice-Blessed. The minstrel’s tale tells the story of how the Twice-Blessed single-handedly felled the goliath of a man known as Bullas the Strong, and if you’re lucky you may even hear the Twice-Blessed himself recounting the tale.

The hammer once wielded by Bullas can be found on display in the Chateau of Wonderment, admission price 2 cp, no refunds.

Harpy Threat Eliminated?

A harpy was rumored to have been spotted at one of the outlying houses in the farmlands, though authorities assure us that a capable group of adventurers swore vengeance upon the foul beasts. The group tracked down the remaining harpies in their nest, and put them to the sword.

Some sources indicate that the harpies had captured an elven child and kept her as their own. Accounts differ as to the elf’s state of mind, but Abigail Farnsworth said, “She looked feral to my eyes, barely even elven. If you ask me, they should have done her like they done the harpies, likely to cause even more trouble she is.”

The guard assures us that matters are well in hand.

From the Desk of Yeoman Selene
For submission to Council Records

As the council is aware, the Luminaire had resisted all attempts at entry, both mundane and magical. Due to this failure, a bounty was posted for any that might be able to gain entry, provided that any contents of interest were to be turned over to the city.

A group of adventurers, headed by one who claimed to be the Twice-Blessed, managed to gain entry to the ship. Shortly thereafter, unusual sounds that may have been of battle were heard from inside the ship, though the adventurers departed before a suitable contingent of guards could be mustered to investigate.

Upon leaving the ship, the party claimed to have recovered nothing of value except one tarnished copper crown and an unusual candle. When the guard did arrive to search the ship in greater detail, a large, empty, opened treasure chest was found inside, which calls into question the veracity of the adventurers’ tale. They are being sought for further questioning, including the one who likely falsely impersonated the Twice-Blessed.

Additionally, the ship appears to be sea-worthy, and with some refits to the main mast, sails, and weapons deck, it would be a fine addition to our coastal defense fleet. Clerics have noted a trace of necromantic magic on board, but are confident it can be purified in time. The hull itself remains remarkably resilient, particularly to magic.


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