The Ballad of Errol Twice-Blessed

Errol Twice-Blessed

As performed by Minstrel Jerom Huecloak

Survived as a “heretic” across the mists and sea
A more nobler man there could ever be!
Those Vessar fool called him Errol, at best.
But here was know him truly as Errol Twice-Blessed!
A hammer came to Brightshore with a dark, murderous game
Along with a lone halfling to take all the blame.
He gambled against Twice-Blessed, the Holy
To wit, it would be the giant’s last folly.
All four gods did reach down with grace
Errol stood in light, a smiling saint’s face
As the titan wielding his might maul came near
It was only the titan who felt fear.
Ere did the hammer fall left and right
Errol responding with only divine light
When his armor was rent, beyond the skill of any mender
Twice-blessed offer the foul giant a chance at surrender.
The fool laughed, raising his hammer to clouds
Twice-Blessed struck, echoing divine sound
With a single strike, mighty as a bull
The only thing left of Errol’s foe was a skull
He gifted the hammer, taking a few copper- a price most fair
The followed up to the Rock to lead those in holy prayer
His second blessing would come as he tried to aid another soul
He came to find the halfling, jumping off the hull.
As he rescued the halfling using all of his might
The traitorous rogue began to fight!
Forced into the sea, in armor, with a stagger
The wicked halfling stood in with a dagger
When it seemed that all would end in the bay
The gods blessed him again that day!
Shedding material armor for the blessing of light
He ascended to the surface like an angel in flight
The halfling collapses into the sea like a stone
For the Errol’s return shook him to the bone
Instead of letting him go to Unre’s final land
Errol threw the unredeemed onto Brightshore’s sand
“A mercy!” they cried “It’s far too week!”
“Justice” Errol replied “Is not for the meek”
A hero reborn of our great city’s sea
A hero for all people, you and me
A hero with all the traits most best
A double toast, for Errol Twice-Blessed!

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