Unicus, Year 23

From the desk of Yeoman Selene
For Submission to Council Records

Recently, the esteemed Captain Sol Hafthorsson returned from a trip through the mists. On the first day of Unicus, the CS Lewis hobbled into harbor, clearly damaged and stressed from the journey. The CS Lewis was guided to the Drydocks for repair by several smaller ships.

Captain Sol brought along some new colonials, including a new tailor, carpenter, and possible new navigator, judging by the hat on the pink Kobold. Marshal Veil assigned them rooms in the barracks while the Wink and Whistle was still closed from the minor fire during the recent production of “The Third Winter”.

According to the new members, they encountered the long-lost Applegate which was possessed by a ghostly Captain Tuff, who was laid to rest at sea. In addition, the mists allegedly smelled strongly of odors they did not wish to name, they were attacked by an illusion of a big fish, and a kraken or squid of sorts attempted to pull down the ship.

Although the CS Lewis did appear to sustain some stress damage, it is difficult to corroborate the stories.

It is thereby recommended that the new colonists be introduced to the jobs available and be allowed to ply their trades with need of repayment, and that the CS Lewis be repaired at cost to Captain Sol.


Tide Dancer Hauls Hulk

Brightshore has been abuzz with the unusual ship that was towed into port by Captain Gombold of the Tide Dancer. A flamboyant cleric named Errol was overheard in the Nicked Rock, claiming that during the journey through the Fog, the Tide Dancer and her crew braved a tide of skeletons and hordes of giant spiders before finally encountering what appears to be an ancient derelict. Other crew members confirmed the apparent tall-tales, and a handful of gamblers were heard praising the actions of a sorcerer by the name of Ezra. They said, “Aye, he helped burn us through the Fog, but nearly burned the ship with it!”

The ship is of a type never before seen, and it marks the first time since Brightshore’s founding that anything of value was recovered from the Fog. As for the ship itself, no one has yet gained entry to determine what lies within. Emblazoned with archaic Dwarven runes on the bow that read “Luminaire,” the unusual closed deck design of the vessel has thus far resisted all attempts at entry. It is said that the Captain of the Guard is seeking able adventurers to investigate further. Dockhands report hearing unusual noises coming from the ship, but local gossips insist that it’s the sound of long lost treasure rattling around in the hulk waiting to be found!

When asked about the loss of so many crew members during the crossing, Captain Gombold simply shrugged and went back to his cups, and the other crew members hastily made signs to ward off evil before refusing to talk to us. No bodies were recovered and were presumably laid to rest with honors at sea.

Feral Elf Brought to Brightshore

Captain Marxa and the Eel made shore with some more newcomers to our fair city, including a sword-swallowing tiefling who drew large crowds at the Wink and Whistle Tavern.

The tiefling, accompanied by five other adventurers, did not long linger at the tavern and instead set out to resolve one of Brightshore’s oldest tragedies. For 18 long years, we’ve all seen the forlorn posting at the Crossroads about an elven child lost at sea during a storm. Undaunted by the derision of locals who mocked their hubris, the adventurers again set out on the Eel with Captain Marxa on a voyage to Lookout Island.

The Eel returned to Brightshore a few days later. Rumor has it that the newcomers were towing a strange elf woman with them (some suppose a native of the island that they’d taken prisoner, others say she is the child who was lost at sea). She was covered from head to toe in filth and seemed to be completely feral, shrieking and scratching as they dragged her from the ship. No one knows what they’re planning to do with her, but most say no good can come from this.

Gliftrix, Editor in Chief

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