Voice of Brightshore, Octolus 23

Unlike the past two months, this edition of the Voice of Brightshore is well printed on sturdy paper.

Goblin Encampments Raided

Indomitable Bradford authorized retaliatory strikes against the goblins that recently attempted to invade Brightshore. Military targets were chosen in order to maximize the forces available for the mission, and a special strike force was assembled by one of Bradford’s top civilian military advisors, Ezra.

When asked for comment on the counterattacks, Ezra said, “We showed those primitives what happens to those who stand against Brightshore!” He characterized the mission as a success, and said, “We struck back against the goblins and showed that we can’t be pushed around, yet showed mercy by giving the inhabitants time to evacuate if they chose.”

When this reporter asked about who inhabitants referred to, and if this was in fact a military target, Ezra said, “We did not intentionally kill non-combatants, but in the chaos of battle these things are not always easy to determine,” and that “In a war for survival, every target is a military target.”

When asked if he had any final words, Ezra had this to say, “We have won two great victories; we are manifestly destined to prevail.”

There have been rumors of other small bands of adventurers hunting down stray goblins as well, perhaps in part influenced by the new bounty being offered by the Defenders. The Defenders will pay 2 sp for the right ear of any goblin brought to the central guard station.


Murderous Priest Defrocked, To Be Executed

Beauregard Durnquist, a once retired priest of Olteus of much renown, has been officially defrocked by the temple and will be executed publicly for unspeakable crimes that have just been brought to light.

Durnquist was hailed as a hero four years ago when he miraculously cured the plague that was beginning to take hold and which no other priest had been able to treat. But he has now, in the twilight of his years, confessed that he in fact murdered the victims prematurely in order to halt the spread of the disease. He turned himself into the council.

His sudden change of heart came just after a party of adventurers visited his manor, responding to pleas for help from his estate. Apparently the priest had been suffering from terrible nightmares.

The same adventurers solved the mystery of the murder of Priest Ullman who had died a few nights prior during an attempt to exorcise the source of Durnquist’s nightmares. They say a hag named Myrtle Mousedipper had come to take Durnquist’s wicked soul and carry it to the underworld. Fortunately, the adventurers disposed of the hag permanently. Citizens of Brightshore can rest assured that Myrtle won’t be visiting them in their dreams.


Western Ruins Remain Dangerous

Due to a string of deaths in the ruins of the city to the west, the city guard wishes to remind us that the ruins across the river are still quite dangerous. Though passage is not barred from those seeking entrance, it is recommended that only large, well-equipped groups venture over the bridges, and then only during daylight hours and for no longer than necessary.

If you must venture to the ruins, it is also suggested that you make prudent arrangements with your next of kin.


Creased Page Under New Ownership

The Creased Page has reopened for the first time since the murder of Orfilin. Nelicano, Orfilin’s son, will be taking over operations of the shop.

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