Voice of Brightshore, Nonagon 23

Official Exchange of Ambassadors Between Brightshore and Stalwart Shield

Sources on the council have confirmed that a council-sanctioned Ambassador was sent to the Stalwart Shield hobgoblin and orc tribe in an effort to further build relations. The council has also announced that they hand-picked Ambassador Maximilian von Tibblesworth to represent our fair city, and welcome Ambassador Duka within our walls.
The council has confirmed that all hostilities are to cease with the hobgoblin and orc tribe, and that our western border is to be considered set until further notice. Travel westward into Stalwart Shield territory at your own risk. We have pledged not to violate their borders just as they will not violate ours. Additionally, the council has confirmed that the Stalwart Shield will view any “atrocities” as a treaty violation as well, and that such actions would likely hurt any attempts at future neighborly relations. They declined to define what was meant by “atrocities.”

A source that I will keep anonymous has also ensured the delivery of this letter from our new Ambassador:

“Dear friends in Brightshore, we stand today on the edge of a new continent, and on the edge of history. Before us lies an opportunity unlike any our peoples have had in generations. We all know what we’ve fled, the oppressive empires forged in fire and blood that lie behind us. Now we have a chance to build something new, to be a city on a hill, a beacon of peace and hope to the world. We’ve already baptized this land in battle with our goblin neighbors, but we need not drown it in war. We have in our hands the seeds of a peace treaty that can bind all our races together in a common prosperity. We need only do the hard work of planting and nurturing it. I implore you, friends, do not throw away this shot at a new beginning, and a new era defined by hope and friendship rather than hate and the sword. Ambassador Tibblesworth, out.”

Strong words, it’s easy to see why the council chose him!


Ancient Play Performed

Ever since a group of adventurers unearthed an ancient play from nearby ruins, local thespians have been dying to get a chance to perform it. Unfortunately, the first performance saw this taken all too literally.

The much-anticipated debut performance of Latoro’s epic Oefelion was well attended by citizens eager to learn more about the history of the surrounding area and to see the promised “visual extravaganza” that would accompany the climactic final battle.
However, the performance was interrupted when one of the kraken puppeteers stabbed Benvedere, who was playing the star role of Oefelion, in the eye with a dagger. It was later revealed that the puppeteer was a secret member of a cult of kraken worshipers and that this act was some sort of terrorism.

The town guard and three adventurers chased down the murderer and went to their headquarters to investigate. They found an overwhelming number of cultists. Although they fought valiantly and killed many of the dark cultists, one of the adventurers was slain and the others were forced to retreat.

Captain Redford promises to send another, stronger expedition to stamp out the cultists as soon as possible. Until then, he warns citizens to stay out of the ruins and to avoid walking alone at night or dealing with suspicious characters.

The council assures the townsfolk that there is no evidence of a kraken, despite what the cultists seem to believe. The play, while possibly rooted in historical fact, almost certainly contains a great deal of fictional embellishment. Until we find more documents and artifacts from the era, it will be impossible to be certain.

Benvedere’s funeral was held in the Temple District. The play was performed again ten days later, and was dedicated to the memory of Benvedere and the fallen adventurer, Victorio. Benvedere’s understudy did the best under the circumstances, but unfortunately wasn’t able to replace the raw talent of Benvedere.


Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice Theory Disproved in Brightshore!

Just last week, many citizens reported a consistently striking lightning storm. Columns of lightning deafened Brightshorians every thirty seconds or so, with maintained touch down somewhere in the ruins of Brightshore. Very few storm clouds were reported that day and thus the question must be discussed: What of the source; was this truly a natural phenomenon?

Multiple groups of adventurers were seen hightailing into the ruins. Some were sighted upon return drenched, with strange electrical burns and frizzy hair. Additionally, guards reported a renowned thief voluntarily turned herself in, only to immediately pay her own bail.

Perhaps she was struck by lightning herself! The frequency of storms in Brightshore has only increased since the lightning occurrence. As winter approaches, the Voice of Brightshore reminds you to stay low to the ground should any lightning storms occur; stay dry; and purchase warm socks.


Snail Flails Through Market Square

An unusual giant snail made a wreck of the market district, leaving merchants and bystanders alike perplexed. Luckily, some adventurers happened to be in the area, and put a quick end to the slimy threat.

The scintillating shell drew onlookers from around the city before Defenders arrived to carry the shell off to Indomitable Bradford’s mansion. When asked if he was going to put it on display, he had little to say other than “The matter will be taken care of, no further comment.”


Jorpot’s Shop of Wonders Closes Temporarily

“Jorpot’s Shop of Wonders is temporarily closed while the proprietor recovers from injuries. In the meantime, the city guard will maintain security on the shop.

Anyone attempting to break in will be considered an action against both Jorpot and the City.

Notice: All Admittance to the Gost Citadel, under Galvan Gost, must be approved. Trespassers will be ejected with prejudice.”

-Arbiter Zdenko


Saltrock Quarry Opens

The Temples of the Four is seeking laborers and masons for the newly opened Saltrock Quarry. Applicants should speak to Illuminator Ignatius of the Temple of Ava.

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