Voice of Brightshore, Decimus 24

Chancellor Orrin’s Son Marco Arrested for Summoning Devils!

Shockwaves rippled through the Council Chamber as Indomitable Bradford and six witnesses charged Marco with summoning devils within Brightshore. Later, Indomitable Bradford submitted hellish weaponry into evidence, and other scholars have confirmed that such weapons and armor could only have come from hellfire fueled forges.

Marco, who has been placed in the Graystone while an investigation takes place, has continued to maintain his innocence. Chancellor Orrin has refused to comment and has been seen little since the accusation on the floors of the Council Chamber. Rumors say that he has been spending ever more time in the tower, but no one knows for sure.
Arbiter Zdenko Ryll has promised a full and fair investigation, which he cautions could take months.

Abigail Farnsworth said, “I always knew there was something off about that Marco kid. Too nice, too laid back. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for you know?”


Bell Salvaged from City Ruins

An ancient bell was salvaged from the ruins of the city across the river. The bell reportedly weighs nearly 70,000 pounds and is nearly sixteen feet in diameter. The bell was hauled into town, where it was turned over to be melted down for metal.

The band of adventurers that accompanied the bell also brought back a goblin wizard named Zrogeh’ziz from the ruins. Bystanders said that the adventurers claimed the goblin helped them and was willing to help the town.

Zrogeh’ziz was escorted to the Arcanum to join the other wizards of the newly founded wizard’s guild of Brightshore. Rumors persist that Zrogeh’ziz is obsessed with the power of lightning, and longtime locals have insisted that the frequency of lightning and storms this winter has been exceptionally unusual, as is the apparent concentration of storm clouds over the Arcanum.


Nicked Rock Invaded by Lightning Flinging Slime

Normal business activities were interrupted at the Nicked Rock when a lightning flinging slime that was chasing Sephilia Everglory burst up from the basement. Eleven patrons were killed before the slime could be subdued, and the tavern itself suffered some minor damage.

The famed rock of the Nicked Rock was, of course, unharmed.


Adventurer’s Ashes Returned to Brightshore

A band of adventurers once again made the trek back to the Hellion’s Mouth cave. They returned with the ashes of Binval, who was killed in the cave, and also with the hulking form of what a specialist identified as a vrock. This anonymous specialist also noted how unusual it was for a demon not to immediately turn to dust upon being killed, and said it was an “ill-omen” that the corpse has persisted. He urges whoever is in custody of the vrock body to incinerate it and douse the ashes in holy water before dispersing them on the four winds.

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