Voice of Brightshore, Oncemas 23

Jailbreak, Orrin’s Son Marco Escapes!

The sturdy stone walls of the Graystone were ripped asunder as a giant flying devil clawed its way into Marco’s cell and then immediately flew off with him. Marco, Chancellor Orrin’s son, had been imprisoned since last month on accusations of devil summoning, and the investigation had been ongoing.

Guards and adventurers gave chase and followed the devil into the ruins across the river. Upon their return, rumors spread like wildfire, and worst of all, the most shocking of the rumors seem to be true. Sources at the Guard, the Shine of Ava, and the city council all affirm that Marco was indeed seen stepping through a portal to the burning lands of devils, and that he issued a warning to his father as his last words before he sealed the portal shut behind him.

Chancellor Orrin has not been seen since the incident, nor has his wife, Archon Jacinta.


Council Overreach at the Citadel!

This month, Sir Galvan Gost, Lord Commander of the Order of the Black Veil received an aggressive, unexpected visit from an armed Arbiter Zdenko, allegedly the neutral scion of law. As many are aware, Sir Gost has spent much of his gains from his heroic deeds employing everyday crafters, laborers, and other laypeople to work on the Gost Citadel, a bastion of hope for Brightshore’s overlooked citizens.

Recently, Sir Gost – who prefers to go by Galvan – was working to secure entry points from potentially powerful enemies at his own cost. However, the self-appointed Council of Brightshore marched onto the Citadel’s work in progress with an army of nearly two dozen guards and powerful clerics and demanded entry. Galvan allowed them into the Citadel after they refused his kind offer to allow him to prepare to receive such guests. Due to the aggressive nature of Arbiter Zdenko and the Council, Galvan dismissed the laborers on his estate, still paying them for the day, for their own safety.

Unfortunately, the Council has yet to provide a public reason for entering the Citadel. It was observed that several priests of Unre were swarming, looking in every doorway, cellar, and even moving rocks for something. After several days of investigation and noted failures, the clergy left the Citadel, and Galvan was able to resume work.

It is obvious that the Council is afraid of the power of the people. If the choice were given to the citizens of Brightshore, they would no doubt have Galvan, a noted benevolent leader and man of the people, lead Brightshore to a great new future. A future where goblins would not raid us, where we could expand into the ruins of a former great empire, and where an everyman’s opinion is as welcome as that of an absent father of a devil worshipper. A future not determined by someone who builds a tower to his own hubris alongside our blessed temples and spent years manipulating the aging Council, but rather someone who set foot on our shores with the goal of making Brightshore a place for everyone, powerful or weak, crusader or craftsman, rich or poor, checkered past or pristine examples of greatness.

It is up to us to make sure that the Council does not step over those they are afraid of. Do not let this trespass against such a noble person go amiss!

A Very Concerned Citizen


Kobold Raiding Party Captured

In an unusual first for Brightshore, a group of hostile kobold were spotted to the northeast and were captured by a group of adventurers. The kobolds intentions are unknown at this time, but Abigail Farnsworth had this to say, “Can’t never trust a kobold. Slimy little things, having one in town already is bad enough.”

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