Voice of Brightshore, Quarton 23

Peaceful Rest Once More

The nightly wailing that has plagued our fair town has been resolved. Apparently a ghostly lady lost her doll and was looking for it. This also apparently solves the most recent break-in at Sweets Smithy as someone foisted the ghost’s problem on him by leaving the doll in his shop. Hopefully, with some new locks on his door, One-Eye will finally get some shut-eye.

Adventurers Return from Ruins Bruised and Sopping Wet

The guards at the Brightshore Bridge noted that a few adventures ignored their warnings and went into the ruined city. Errol Twice-Blessed and Ezra were among their number as was a newcomer named Grimm, who looked familiar to some of the guard, and a tabaxi warrior. They claimed to have gotten into a fight with some goblins and returned a couple hours later soaking wet with quite a few scrapes and bruises. The tabaxi in particular looked rather unhappy at their situation.

Ancient Library Found

An ancient library was reportedly found within ruins to the north. The council has said little about what was found within, but sources have said that scholars have recently come into possession of a great epic play written by a poet named Latoro.

The play, which is said to date to an ancient period of Brightshore’s history, details the heroics of King Oefelion, possibly a mythological figure. Professor Colin refused to comment on the existence or the nature of the play.

Northern Wilds Grow More Dangerous

The Council has advised against further expeditions or travel to the forests north of Brightshore. Goblin and bugbear forces have been spotted in great numbers there.

Around Town

There are two new bards performing at the Wink and Whistle. They arrived days ago aboard the Tide Dancer, and have quickly made a name for themselves with their cheerful melodies and unusual instruments.

In related news, the guard seeks another passenger who arrived at the same time for assaulting Ulver of the Nicked Rock. Eyewitnesses said that the aasimar muttered something about the Rock being a scam after failing to dent it, and that the she stormed out before fleeing the guard.

Murderer Remains on the Loose

A spate of murders and disappearance have rocked the tower district this past month, as have allegations that the guard sought to downplay the severity of the cases. The guard had the culprit in hand when a wagon accident on the way to the execution allowed the culprit to again escape into the city.

The guard frantically combs the streets while residents in the Tower District keep their window lockup up tight.

To make matters worse, Yeoman Selene has been seen re-allocating guards to the outer city gates, and has been sending scouting patrols outside of the city. Perhaps she too hunts for the culprit, but merchants are beginning to complain about having their wagons searched for no apparent reason.

More fiends in the Outskirts

Farms to the west of the city continue to report attacks by a fiendish diabolical cult of red and green madmen. Farms have been razed and fields have been burned, and farmers’ pleas for protection seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the city guard tends to the rebuilding of River District and the search for the Tower District Terror.

New rumors from those who said that they managed to escape the mindless slaughter say that the devils can change shape and can assume any form human or animal, and that many innocent lives have been lost to the foul creatures.

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