Voice of Brightshore, Quinton 23

Bradford Ascends to Council Position!

Malcolm Bradford, wealthy philanthropist and businessman, shocked attendees of his most recent social gathering with a lengthy diatribe that indicted the council for inaction in the face of numerous external threats. He made the case for raising a properly equipped army, and also made the unprecedented request to be allowed on the council to take command of this new force.

Sources present at the party witnessed the council withdraw to chambers to deliberate, but the calm was shattered when a brazen assassin attempted to kill Bradford in the middle of his own dining hall. Luckily, a band of hardened adventurers were present at the gathering, and quickly tracked down the assailant and delivered swift justice.

The council, spurred on by the violence of the night, quickly confirmed Bradford to the council, and bestowed upon him the title of Commander. He is now in charge of raising a force capable of fighting off the threats rising to our north and west, and rumors from the guard say he is already mobilizing resources to properly train and equip the army.

When asked for comment, Bradford expressed his deepest thanks and gratitude for those who supported him as well as saying, “Too long has the council sat idle while threats rose around us. No more! I will keep us all safe, and eradicate all those who would see us come to harm!”

One of his first acts as Commander was to retain the services of a sorcerer named Ezra as a military advisor. The sorcerer is well known as of one of the adventurers who saved Bradford from the clutches of fiends two months ago, and who again helped during this night that saw Bradford’s ascension to power.

Demon Threat Eradicated

A band of adventurers have reportedly found a portal to the lower planes near Stromsburg’s farm to the west of Brightshore. They bravely faced down the evil fiends, and are said to have destroyed the portal, though not without their own losses.

Binval, a warlock of some renown here in the city, selflessly gave his life to ensure the threat would be ended. Though we mourn his passing, we are grateful that the demons no longer present a threat.

Commander Bradford has promised to hunt down any stragglers that remain on this side of the portal as soon as possible.

Newcomers bring new tales and secrets!

It seems as though Captain Sol has made it back in time to train a new crew, and brought with him a number of new colonists! All of them seem ready for the hard work that we are known for, but a variety of skills from fishing to archery. Rumor is, one of them even has a magical book with them that they are studying at the Temples. Your brave and intrepid reporter will find out more!

The Three Triumphs of Ava, A Review by Beryl

As the owner of the premier theatrical venue in Brightshore, I’ve been honored to see many of Ms. Oneshoe’s productions and her latest has not disappointed. While I will confess that I am generally not of a religious bent, I was captivated by the intensity of the action scenes and the careful respect given to the dialogue. I’d like to also give my most sincere congratulations to the Wink and Whistle’s own Olivia Nochten, who gave a passionate, if occasionally overeager, performance. I’m sure once you’ve gotten over your nerves, you’ll become quite the regular on our stage.

But I’ve teased you all long enough, the true triumphs of for Ava this time were the inspired special effects. The use of the <i>faerie fire</i> spell to capture the beauty of the third act was breathtaking. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the spectacle of having a live Griffon for acts one and two. My most thunderous applause to the heroic adventurers who delivered this magnificent treat to our city.

If you’ll forgive the pun, this wasn’t all sunshine for the temple. Mr. Thornog’s portrayal of Menran left much to be desired, and the disruptions from the crowd were unseemly. I don’t know what that crazed stagestormer meant by “a child claiming her mother’s deeds” but his ravings certainly seemed childish to this critic.

In short, be sure to catch a performance before the festival ends. I give “The Three Triumphs of Ava” 3 winks out of 5.

From the Desk of Yeoman Selene
First Tower District Plot in Private Ownership

After reviewing the excellent works of Galvan and his requests for a plot to be close to the Council to better serve Brightshore, the Council has approved his request to purchase 1 Eastwind. As some may recognize, this plot has a few ruins, including some stable structures, as well as space for a garden and a second, smaller building. Galvan has committed to improving this building to be a gem in the Tower District, including hiring local workers.

We look forward to the continual improvements the good knight provides to our colony!


Want to learn about medicine and natural remedies? Talk to Thorin over at the Wink and Whistle or in the Tower district. Hard workers only!


The Bay will be closed for naval training activities as Captain Sol and the other Brightshore captains train new crews. These activities will take place in the bay and may include use of ballista, sword-fighting on ships, night movement, and practical swimming exercises.

Any complaints should be directed to Harbormaster Solsson.

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