Voice of Brightshore, Sextus 23

This edition of the Voice of Brightshore appears to be inexpertly printed. It is misaligned, smudged in places, and otherwise not up to its usual quality. 


Orfilin Murdered, Creased Page Ceases Operations

Orfilin, beloved owner and operator of the Creased Page, was found murdered in his shop on the 24th. According to Captain Bolt, the murder fits the pattern of the serial killer that remains on the loose. He has implored anyone with information to come directly to the Central Guard post, and has promised a reward for any information that leads to the capture of the killer, dead or alive.

Orfilin was a dear personal friend as well as a friend of the Voice of Brightshore, and will be missed.


Goblin Threat More Severe Than First Reports Indicated

Adventurers have returned from a scouting mission which indicated that not only are there more goblins and bugbears than were first reported, but that the creatures are in possession of warships and a metal construct similar to the one that recently rampaged through the River District.

The Council attempted to keep this matter secret, but newly elected Council Member Commander Bradford loudly proclaimed the threat publicly to his new cadre of recruits in our new military force, the Defenders of Brightshore. Bradford vowed upon his honor that the Defenders would ensure that the threat was dealt with.

The adventurers were also seen bring a goblin into town, and rumors suggest the goblin is one of the members of the force that appears to be assembling to assault the town. Many are quietly–and not so quietly–questioning the wisdom of giving an enemy soldier free run of the town. Abigail Farnsworth said, “First it was that screeching harpy of an elf woman, and now goblins? Why can’t these adventurer types just leave well enough alone?”


Riot at the Temple on the Day of Ashes

A local sect of Unre worshippers stormed the temple plaza during the Day of Ashes celebration in protest against the worship of Ava and sacrifice to the goddess. Clad in slate grey robes and calling themselves “The Underground,” they attempted to take the stage on which the Everburning Flame burned for some unknown purpose. They were held at bay by the temple clergy and a few brave citizens, and while there was violence, thankfully there were no casualties. Those member of the Underground who were subdued were taken into custody and are being interviewed as to their purposes. Illuminator Ignatius, head of the temple of Ava in Brightshore, declined to comment.

The Voice of Brightshore did receive an unsolicited message from someone calling themselves Alabaster the Righteous and claiming to be the leader of the Underground. In this message, which I have been asked not to publish, Alabaster claimed that Unre was the mother of Olteus, Ava, and Menran, and thus the only one deserving of worship. He also lamented the state of the temple and called them unworthy leeches on the workers, farmers, and tradespeople of Brightshore.

When asked about Alabaster and the Underground, Illuminator Ignatius again declined comment, but did say that the churches of Ava and Unre will be donating a large amount of recently quarried stone as well as skilled labor to the reconstruction effort of the River District.


Good Ship Gecko Fuzz Lost at Sea

The Good Ship Gecko Fuzz is confirmed lost at sea. The only three known survivors of the doomed exploration expedition were seen dragging themselves ashore from a primitive wooden canoe, and were barely recognizable due to their ordeal at sea.

Captain Grewill and the rest of his eleven crew members are reported dead. Also reported dead is the beloved druid Arbat, well known for the aid she has given to farmers with their crops over the years. She will be sorely missed.



Your intrepid reporter has heard rumblings of a Temple at Duskfall. After reviewing these rumors with the Librarians of Unre, there are no records of a location called Duskfall nor a Temple called anything similar. When one cleric came to interject, mentioning something about planes, I was roughly shoved out of the room. Perhaps there is more to this Duskfall that a local Tuxedo Tabaxi was asking about. I will not rest until I find out more!

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