Voice of Brightshore, Quarton 24

Ruins Reclamation Sanctioned by Council

The Council has formally established a fund to encourage expansion into the western ruins of the city. Volunteer craftsmen and trained soldiers drawn from the ranks of the Defenders stand ready to assist any who seek to expand the borders of the town, and to help ensure that threats long buried beneath the ruins are discovered and eradicated.

Indomitable Bradford, speaking in place of the now rarely seen Chancellor Orrin, said, “This marks a new era for Brightshore. For too long we’ve lived in fear as to what might be on the other side of the river. Now, we will face those fears head on, find whatever evil may lurk under those stones, and grind it to dust with our armored fists.”

In related news, the Guard has cautioned anyone from entering the sewers in the ruins unless they are properly prepared. Rumors of strange baying beasts and hordes of spiders have made it back to town from survivors.


Wildeheim Dwarf Clan Moves to Saltrock

After months of squatting in public places, and lately on Cleo Catra’s property, the dwarf clan from Vessar has moved to the quarry and mines of Saltrock. There, Illuminator Ignatius says, the clan will help the settlement beyond measure as well as help ensure a source of raw materials to Brightshore.

Judge and Protector Askada Wildeheim also issued a formal letter of thanks to the Council for their patience and support in allowing the clan time to get back on their feet again. She is said to have delivered the letter personally and was well received by the council.

Despite its name, Saltrock has also been rumored to contain a deposit of diamonds and other gemstones. Perhaps the dwarves know something we don’t!

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