Voice of Brightshore, Quinton 24

Holy Airship!

Citizens and dockworkers alike were startled with what seemed to have been a miniature, and focused, tsunami last week in the Dockyards District. An enormous wave swept through the Northwestern corner of the Dockyards late in the afternoon, but what remained in the aftermath of the upsurge is still being talked about today! As the water drained back into the bay, resting upon the streets of Brightshore lay what appeared to be an airship of sorts. It was a water-logged wooden vessel riddled with barnacles, seaweed, and crabs, and it had sustained heavy damage, possibly from an ancient battle. Yet the strangest part were the wings that stemmed from its sides! The ship was delivered by workers to an unpopular workshop in the Gate District known as ‘Brytva’s Bolts’ for reasons unknown. Additionally, I have been hearing rumors that the people responsible for this delivery were adventurers who surfaced from below the waves: thus far I have heard of a dark elf, some sort of robotic looking person, two farmers, and a hulking Goliath woman – who might these people be? And why have they returned such a vessel to our town?!


Blue Dragon Killed by Brave Adventurers

A band of adventurers, Ves, Dragone, Zren, Revan, Flint, and Stopp have put an end to another threat to Brightshore.

They traveled to Tierrios and slew a mighty blue dragon, whom other adventurers had tried unsuccessfully to kill before. The adventurers also put an end to the lightning-possessed kobolds that worshipped the dragon, and it is believed that the area is significantly more safe, though Defender patrols have not yet scouted the area in depth.
Tragically, the wizard Finder Sinclair was killed in the course of events. The specifics are unknown, but it appeared to the party as if he had been possessed by the dragon, and somehow killing the dragon ended his life as well.


Heretic Undermined and Brought to Justice

Citizens of Brightshore have endured the harassment of the banished heretic Alabaster for years, but the madman has been brought to divine justice after he claimed he would assault the Shrines of the Four and destroy them. Thanks to the concerted effort of the guard, the temple, and a handful of heroic Brightshore citizens, he and his army of elementals were repelled from the Temple District Bridge. Upon his death, it was discovered that this blasphemous villain was in fact a doppelganger, a monster able to read minds and take the form of any man, woman, or child it wished. In light of this, the Temple is offering clemency to any current members of the Underground Cult in exchange for information on the cult’s whereabouts and structure.


Masterpiece Ava Sculpture Lost at Sea

For the past several months, noted master sculptor Fimdurim Trollhand had been taking advantage of the quality of stone offered by the Saltrock Quarry to craft what was by all accounts a truly stunning statue of Ava. Though Ava is not typically depicted as having a human form, Fimdurim claimed to have seen a vision of divine inspiration that guided his chisel. The statue was due to be placed in the Ava Shrine this month, but a storm wrecked the ship that was carrying it from Saltrock to Brightshore.

A band of adventurers were said to have located the statue but were unable to retrieve it. Some have indicated that they will seek to try again.

Fimdurim Trollhand himself has been said to have hung up his tools for good as he is wracked by a crisis of faith.


Order of the Duskmoon

Rumors have been circulating through the town about an extinct ancient order known only as the Order of the Duskmoon. Supposedly, Brightshore rests atop the proving ground for this ancient order, and there is some manner of ever-weakening guardian that is the only thing preventing these undead from invading the city. Abigail Farnsworth had this to say, “Undead? Under the city? Sounds like the kind of story mothers tell their children to try to get them to behave. I don’t believe a word of it.”


Cleo Catra Manor Infested with Rats

For the second time in as many months, Catra Manor was infested with rats. Luckily, adventurers were again on hand to help stave off the worst of the infestation, which was rumored to be backed by some kind of demon or a Rat King. Unfortunately, Aelor of Aelor Construction was killed during the incident.

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