Voice of Brightshore, Sextus 24

‘Til death do us part.

I had drafted a very energetic and warming article in anticipation of a desperately needed day of love and union. However, I will not publish those words, blatantly ignoring the cries of those who have lost someone from recent events…

Many of us already know what happened, so this is just for the record.

Sextus 20th, the day of Cleo and Norio’s wedding, the weather was perfect as we neared the end of summer. The venue was an elaborate re-decoration of The Park, where Cleo and Norio were wed by none other than Errol Twiceblessed, guided by the light of The Four. Nearly the whole town showed and everyone shed tears of joy as we watched our beloved tabaxi companions walk together down the aisle as one.

Then shadow covered everything.

One of the musicians saw it coming first and apparently screamed, “OWL!!!” Everyone turned in panic. No one was prepared for this. Why now? It was too late. The enormous owl, stained black and with billows of dark smoke trailing behind it, had already descended upon us. In the blink of an eye, it unleashed a shock-wave of powerful wind, knocking everything and everyone over just before ~50ft tall walls of black, unholy thorns separated and caged people throughout the park.

Groups of adventurers, including the newlyweds, were seen locked in combat with not only the owl but also new foes whose names vary from person to person. Perhaps the one ray of hope that split the darkness engulfing our city was the Kintsugi Tower. I saw it with my own two eyes and darn-near lost my hearing from, the two – yes, two – cleaving laser strikes that were unleashed upon an area within The Park. After the second strike, everything stopped and the owl was seen flying to the North.

I pray to The Four that we can recover and strengthen ourselves from this tragic day. I pray that Cleo and Norio do not blame themselves for this occurrence, and that they can still find solace with one another. Lastly, I pray for all of those who lost someone they love — please do not give up hope.



Magu, the goblin warlord responsible for the Battle of Brightshore in which more than 100 brave citizens gave their lives, was discovered and slain earlier this month.
Flint, Revan, Stopp, Varish, Kora, and Otirry spotted Magu along with dozens of goblin and bugbear followers near the Ava River Ruins. According to the adventurers, Magu used some sort of magical artifact to awaken a towering, 50-foot construct resembling a hobgoblin that had been buried under the ruins. Varish, who understands the goblins’ language and was able to catch a few of her words, believes Magu was trying to command the construct to assault Brightshore.

The brave adventurers gave chase, some attacking Magu from the ground and others climbing the lumbering titan to engage the warlord directly. Flint found and removed the artifact powering the construct, which caused it to collapse. The Four must have been smiling on the adventurers that day, for all of them were able to maneuver out of harm’s way while Magu fell directly under the titan as it fell. The adventurers pulled her crushed from the wreckage and confirmed that she was dead.

Townsfolk in the streets cheered as they recognized the warlord’s body and the ruined pieces of the (smaller) war machine she once rode. Although we may never know why Magu was bent on the destruction of our fair town, it is certain her name will live in infamy, and the glory belongs to the six brave souls who ended her reign of terror.


Eyewitness Account of the Harrowing Recovery of the Statue of Ava

“Our adventuring party went back to sea to reclaim the Statue of Ava from the clenches of darkness in the deep ocean. We were guided by Ava’s light aboard the Albatross, helmed by Captain Fairbeard. As our hopes of finding the statue began to dwindle, Ava’s inspiration struck Baern, and into the water he went to find Her light on the ocean floor. For nearly a day, we sailed towards Ava’s light that guided the plate-armored dwarf below until She was finally spotted: a water temple of darkness, void of light, held the statue. As we prepared for battle, Ava once again gave us all inspiration as our party dove deep into the waters below. As the darkness began to overwhelm us, we reminded ourselves that it is in the twilight that Her light shines brightest.

Smashing in the door to the temple in honor of Ava, our brave party easily bested any who stand in our way: the sea goblins, the octopus, and the steel monster. Ava gave us all her blessing that day: Baern struck true with his hammer forged of Ava’s might, Atwood invoked Her wrath as a giant octopus, Vanuath punished our enemies using Ava’s light, Mazikeen pierced the creatures with force of Ava’s wildfire, Haryll embodied Her energy to strike with both javelin and fist, and I used my gifts from Ava to ensure that the flames of our souls were not extinguished. I saved many that day: Baern, Mazikeen…but I digress. After all, it was Ava who truly saved them.

After sending our enemies back to ashes, back to the darkness from whence they came, we liberated Her statue from the temple and began to guide her back to the surface and back to Her light. However, darkness was not yet ready to relinquish its grasp, as the iron brute stood back up and gave chase to the statue. Armed with little left but Ava’s inspiration, Baern and I stood our ground against this wicked darkness once more. As the steel monster grabbed ahold of the statue, we tried everything to break its grasp, from prying its fingers to attacking it hands to using Baern’s final javelin as a lever to heave its hands from the statue. But it was no use — it was clear that the light, and our chances, were fading.

That’s when I dropped to my knees and looked to Ava for guidance… and She did just that. With Her inspiration behind us, Baern and I put our remaining strength into one final attempt with the remnants of Baern’s broken javelin and watched that evil pile of scrap fall back into the watery depths below. We got the statue aboard the ship, spent time in prayer while restoring the statue’s beauty, and felt beyond blessed to be able to present it to the temple. Praise Ava!”



New Guild Founded

Citing an increase in the amount of filth in the city, a gnome named Rasputin Cruelhammer has taken it upon himself to create the Brightshore Brighteners, a guild devoted to keeping Brightshore clean and tidy. While he claims his purpose is pure, the Brighteners have already created no small amount of controversy by dumping a wagonload of fish guts in front of the Tower, which led to minor fines being handed out, as well as to the arrest of Abigail Farnsworth.

Farnsworth, who remains behind bars, said she stands in solidarity with Selene Skipriver and refuses to pay her 10 gp fine until the council clears the beleaguered halfling’s name. When asked for comment, Farnsworth would only say, “Free Selene! She’s innocent!”

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