Voice of Brightshore, Unicus 24

Archon to Make First Public Appearance Since Son’s Disappearance

According to a source at the Temple of Olteus, Archon Jacinta is scheduled to resume teaching her midwifery and reproductive health classes at the Temple of Ava this month. This will be the Archon’s first appearance since her son, Marco Savedra, escaped from the Graystone two months ago after being accused of fraternizing with devils. While several of her students stated that they are happy about their teacher’s return, many Brightshore residents remain concerned about the well-being of the Archon and her husband, Chancellor Orrin.

“I can’t imagine the shock she must have had, that they both must have had,” said Wisteria Palyu, who sells vegetables from her cart in the Market District with her 16-year-old son, Abel. “If it were my son accused of doing all those horrid things…well, I would just simply die of it.”

Abel, for his part, expressed disappointment in Marco, who was well-liked up until the accusations made by Malcolm Bradford and several other Brightshore residents. “He didn’t seem the type to ever make a deal with a devil,” said Abel. “He was always telling me to keep my nose clean and do what Ma told me. I used to kind of admire him.”

Illuminator Ignatius, administrator of the Temple of Ava, states that while the midwifery class will return to its normal schedule and is open to anyone interested in learning to birth babies, the Temples have not yet determined a date for the Archon to resume the rest of her duties. He further states that the Archon will not be fielding any questions regarding her son during the class and requests that persons who do have questions on that topic wait for a more appropriate time. He refused to comment on Marco’s possible guilt.


Lightning-Struck Brightshorians Bring Back a Surprise!

Just earlier this month, reports were received about a group of adventurers who sat in a strange metallic array to willingly take on the blast from a lightning strike – crazy! Everyone lived, thank the Gods, and the group – who was easily identifiable with frizzy hair and burns – was seen leaving into the ruins. Their faces were remembered, but rumor has it that another face returned with them. She has been the talk of the town since, and for good reason too! Who knew that the Indomitable Lord Malcolm Bradford had a wife?


Expedition Departs for Far Off Lands

The middle of the month saw the departure of the newly commissioned Defender warship, the Albatross. Its first mission was to undertake a daring expedition, led by Ezra, to a far-off land. Little is known about the expedition’s goals or what they hope to achieve, but this represents the first serious attempt at exploring the wider areas around Brightshore since the disastrous expeditions of year 4, year 7, and year 15.


Being a Brief Account of a Meeting with Giantfolk

My fellow citizens: In order to dispel the rumors and gossip about the recent experience of myself and several other Brightshore residents, you will find below my first-hand account of the initial meeting between us and the giantfolk. Should you desire a more complete and detailed account, a record of the incident can be found within the library in the Temple of Unre. Respectfully, Guard Captain Redford Bolt.

On the 8th of Unicus, during my recent vacation, I was approached by Enkeh Nere, Kujo Funabashi, and a tabaxi named Storm, who requested I accompany them on a journey two days south, to retrieve the annual Red Springflower on behalf of the Temple of Olteus. On the third morning after leaving Brightshore, our party observed two dragons locked in combat. Their age was indeterminable due to distance, but it was clear that one was red and one copper. They flew away before we could examine them further.

We then observed the astoundingly rapid approach of a floating city upon a cloud, from which descended a giant who introduced himself as Count Sarzus. This Count Sarzus indicated we were “fated” to resolve a dispute among him and his fellow giants, making it clear that he would not accept a refusal.

Count Sarzus then took us upon his floating cloud city, where he informed us that we would resolve the dispute by facing various trials. These trials each had a basis upon one of the four elements, though notably due to the giants’ attention being required elsewhere, we were spared the trial of fire.

After the completion of these trials, an assembly of giants asked us which of the four elements was the most powerful. We deliberated, and Enkeh felt strongly that magic was above all the most powerful. The giants were pleased with this answer, then stated they would grant us the highest reward they could give. They asked us which of the four elements we favored, and being a follower of Unre, I answered “earth”. The giants then teleported our party to a cavern, deep underground. Whether this place was indeed the Elemental Plane of Earth, as speculated by some, remains unclear.

We set about trying to determine the best course of action, and encountered a golem-type creature holding a spear, of which Storm relieved it, giving it his spear as a trade. Another creature, ostensibly an earth djinn, found us and, pleased that we, or rather I, had chosen his realm as my preferred, returned us to the location from where Count Sarzus had initially kidnapped us. This same Count Sarzus then appeared again and gifted us a bouquet of the red springflowers for which we had been searching before his floating cloud city retreated to the far south.

At this point, we returned to town.


Notice of Bridge Closure

Witnesses report that a man named Finder Sinclair blew up the North Bridge with mighty blasts of lightning.

Repairs are already underway.


Kobold Raiders

Residents to the east of the city are requesting help as several farms and camps have been attacked by kobolds in recent days. Before a group of adventurers drove off their “god”, a large blue dragon, the kobolds had not adventured so close to the city, but have been since stirred up and have been raiding settlements closer to Brightshore.

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