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A page for keeping track of important and unique objects in the Brightshore campaign.


Food and Drink

  • Spiky Orange. A fruit native to Lorica.
  • Vistoga. A powerful alcoholic drink made by the goliaths.

Magic Items

  • Homebrew Magic Items. Here you can find a list of all the homebrew magic items that have been created in this campaign.
  • Shards. Magical, crystalline objects that rapidly change form and have been found across Lorica.
  • Memory Gems. Scattered all over the world at large, these gems have scenes from the past and often thrust the users into some forgotten bit of ancient history. To date, gems have been found made of Rhodalite, Citrine, and Benotiote.
  • Wildmoon Bowl. An ornate dark wood bowl with silver filigree. Fancyscale uses it to enchant items under a new moon.


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