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Welcome to the Town of Brightshore!

Brightshore is an ongoing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign shared between several Dungeon Masters and hosted by the I'm Board Games stores in Middleton and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

The campaign centers on the town of Brightshore on the continent of Lorica—an ever-evolving place fraught with mystery, beauty, danger, and camaraderie. On this wiki, you'll find resources to guide you through the known and give you a place to note when you discover the unknown.

Come join us! And help build our world through the thrilling heroics and harrowing adventures of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons!

On our home page, you can find news about recent adventures that have occurred in Brightshore, as well as downloads, reservations, and more.


  • Player Conduct. Rules that we ask players and DMs to observe at the table during the game.
  • Character Creation. How to create a new character for the Brightshore campaign.
  • Downtime Activities. Rules for calculating and spending the downtime days your character gains between adventures.
  • Property. How to calculate construction cost and upkeep for buildings, ships, and other forms of property your character can acquire in Brightshore.
  • Reclaiming the Ruins. The ruins next to Brightshore are filled with danger. These rules explain how characters can gradually reclaim the ruins, making them safe and incorporating them into the town.
  • Running a Business. Rules for establishing businesses in Brightshore and determining your profits and losses.
  • Wiki Editors' Guide. A guideline for keeping this wiki easy to use and consistently formatted.


  • Player Character Roster. A roster of some of the active and retired characters in Brightshore.
  • Hall of the Honored. A place to honor the player characters who have passed into the great beyond.
  • Magic Item Log. A list of all the permanent magic items awarded to players, including who currently has each one.
  • Homebrew Content. Stats for magic items and other content you won't find in any D&D sourcebooks.


  • Brightshore. Information regarding the town of Brightshore.
  • Calendar. The calendar used by the people of Brightshore.
  • Council. Contains the current members of the Brightshore Council as well as their actions and policies.
  • Cultures & Factions. Info on the various guilds, races, cultures, and factions in Lorica and beyond.
  • Events. Information about the world's history, myths, and current events.
  • Foreign Lands. Lands beyond Lorica.
  • Laws. Laws enforced in the town of Brightshore.
  • Locations in Lorica. Major locations found on the main continent.
  • Non-Player Characters. List of all the major characters created and controlled by DMs, including player characters belonging to DMs.
  • Objects. Important and unique objects in the Brightshore campaign.
  • Other Worlds. Information regarding places beyond the main planet and the Material Plane.
  • Pantheon. Everything you need to know about the main gods and temples in the Brightshore campaign.
  • Tales from the Nicked Rock. Rumors, warnings, and plans of action discussed by adventurers in the Nicked Rock, one of Brightshore's local taverns.

How do I join?

We are excited you want to join! We have game sessions occasionally scheduled at our Middleton and Sun Prairie locations. Check our Event Reservations page for times and locations and to make reservations.

I don't know how to play!

We love new players. Brightshore is a world that is changing each time a player plays a session, so the more players, the richer and fuller our world gets. If you've never played before, we can lend you character sheets, dice, and a helpful instructor on an introductory adventure.

If you're learning D&D from another system or edition, let us know! A lot of our DMs have played multiple systems and can help you “translate” or guide you toward any resources you may want or need.

Who are you people?

I'm Board Employees

Although the bulk of the team is staffed by volunteers, I'm Board has a number of employees involved to make sure Brightshore continues I'm Board's tradition of a welcoming environment for everyone.

  • Bryan is the owner of I'm Board Games who has chartered us all to make this a fun experience for all players. He even makes some of the art for Brightshore!

World Weavers

World Weavers are permanent DMs that work on the lore and a lot of the behinds the scenes stuff.

By playing, you agreed that your impacts to the Brightshore setting become part of Brightshore. We do not expect usage of this site outside the United States.

Copyright and Trademark available more in depth.

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