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Magic Item Log

New Magic Items/Boons/Etc

Here is a list of new magic items, boons, etc. that were introduced during the pandemic. They will be incorporated into the new version of the main table eventually.

Magic Item Table

This is the master list of all of the magic items awarded in the Brightshore campaign. On this page, you can find the item name, its source (if it's from a sourcebook, the book name will be given; otherwise the source is “homebrew”), when and by whom it was rewarded, whether it requires attunement, and the character who currently owns it. If it is a homebrew item, clicking on the item name will take you to a page that gives the item's description and abilities. Note that some items have secret abilities that not even an identify spell will reveal. Those abilities can be found by clicking on a link found at the bottom of the item page and accessible only by people with DM permissions on the wiki.

Some items that are not homebrew have been slightly changed (for example, they may require attunement when the version from the original source does not). These items are not generally counted as “homebrew,” but the differences are noted on the table.

When the same item is rewarded more than once, multiple entries will be created in the log, one for each occurrence.

If your character owns a permanent magic item and wishes to trade it to another character, you must inform a Weaver so that the trade can be noted and this list can be updated.

A (D) before a character's name means they are dead. An (R) beside their name means that they are retired. This is mainly to make sorting easier.

Item Name Source Awarding DM Date Awarded Requires Attunement? Current Owner Notes
Staff of Birdcalls homebrew Mark Date Awarded No Current Owner Notes
Hammer and Anvil of the Earthen Bulwark homebrew Mark Date Awarded Yes Current Owner Notes
Doombringer's Armor of the Raven Queen homebrew Mark Date Awarded Yes Current Owner Notes
Raven's Mantle of Shadows homebrew Mark Date Awarded No Oz Notes
Ancient Paladin's Emblem of Healing homebrew Jesse 10/20/2019 Yes Nevrus. 1 - Paytrin (R). 2 - Civip. 3 - Nevrus.
Ancient Paladin's Emblem of Smiting homebrew Jesse 10/20/2019 Yes Civip Oth 1-Nevrus. 2-Civip.
Axe of the Iron Citadel DMG Mark 8/14/2019 yes (D) Baern Wildeheim Cursed. 1 - Baern, Lost.
Bag of holding DMG Marty 8/7/2019 No Lord Grim
Bag of Holding DMG Dalton 1/26/20 No Kappa
Bag of Holding DMG Patrick 11/20/19 No Lavina Thorngate
Bar of Ivory Soap homebrew Mark 10/2/2019 No Tera
Bauble of Luck homebrew Matias 10/16/2019 Yes Riyla
Belt of Hill Giant Strength DMG Jude Yes Deucalion
Belt of Hill Giant Strength DMG Weavers 2/26/2020 Yes Gunni
Blessed Mace of the Celestial Chord homebrew James 8/25/2019 Yes Flint Fireforge
Blowgun of the Lost Temple homebrew Mark 12/14/2019 Yes Kujo
Blood Drinker Weapon homebrew Jesse Yes —- —-
Blood Drinker Longsword homebrew Jesse 2/23/2020 Yes Rosalina —-
Boots of elvenkind DMG Mark 6/23/2019 yes Maevis
Boots of striding and springing DMG Marty 6/27/2019 yes Emerald 1 - Stodenmire. 2 - Traded - Emerald.
Boots of striding and springing DMG Mark 9/22/2019 yes (R) Zentariel
Bracelet of Blasting DMG Mark 2/19/20 No Gunni (R) Amara
Bracers of archery DMG Jude 6/19/2019 yes (R) Max
Breezeward Bangle homebrew James 1/12/20 Yes Goldie 1 - Shimmer. 2 - Given - Goldie
Broken Boots of Speed homebrew Ben 2/23/2020 Yes Boneheime —-
Captain's hat homebrew Marty 6/6/2019 no Ixi
Captain's hat homebrew Marty ??? no Nala
Captain's hat homebrew Marty 6/2/19 no Stodenmire
Casog's Sinistral homebrew Davidson 2/23/2020 Yes GARG 1 Brynja. 2 GARG.
Charm Bracelet of Dreamless Spells homebrew Jesse 2/5/2019 Yes Kite —-
Charm Bracelet of Dreamless Spells homebrew Jesse 2/9/2019 Yes Cole —-
Choker of Health DMG Weavers Yes Deucalion
Circlet of human perfection ToA Mark 9/15/2019 yes Theren custom table
Cloak of billowing XGE Mark 6/26/2019 no Zorian
Cloak of the manta ray DMG Mark 10/9/2019 no Borivik
Cloak of Protection DMG Mark 1/12/2020 Yes Vanuath
Crossbow +1 DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes Muriel
Crown of Resistance homebrew Patrick 1/29/2020 yes Blitz 1 Aidan. 2 Blitz.
Dagger +1 DMG ??? ??? no Salvador 1 - Unknown. 2 - Kalys. 3 Drake. 4 Salvador.
Dagger of venom DMG Jude 9/18/2019 yes (D) Hector Traded from Borivik
Damaged Arcane Hexahedron homebrew Nick 10/23/2019 yes (D) Zren
Dark Caress homebrew Dan 9/9/2019 yes Nevrus
Dark Owl Feathermail homebrew Shaun 10/23/2019 yes (D) Enailis
Devil's Tongue homebrew Sam 03/17/2020 yes Ember Given to Ember from a spontaneous teleporting magic shop during donwtime.
Diligence homebrew James 10/19/2019 yes Goldie —-
Dread helm XGE Nick 9/11/2019 No Revan
Dreamless Charm: Icy Blast homebrew Jesse 2/5/2019 No Kite —-
Dreamless Charm: Noxious Burst homebrew Jesse 2/9/2019 No Cole —-
Driftglobe DMG Rebecca 6/23/2019 No Gretirrai 1 - (D) Binval. 2 - Finn (D). 3 - Galvan. 4 - Trade - Zentariel. 5 - Given - Gretirrai
Driftwood Longbow homebrew Ben 3/1/2020 Yes Almer —-
Duskfall Return of shadow homebrew Marty 7/17/2019 yes Galvan Consumed
Everfull Grog Stein homebrew Dan ??? No Jade —-
Everbright Quiver homebrew Dalton 2/2/20 Yes Almer
Eye of Meenlock Patron homebrew Davidson 11/24/2019 Yes Galvan 1 Pietro. 2 Galvan.
Eyes of minute seeing DMG Jude 7/3/2019 No Kappa 1 Max. 2 Kappa.
Eyes of the Eagle homebrew Ben 2/9/2020 Yes Jade —-
Famine homebrew James 9/28/2019 yes Cult of the Kraken 1 - Zentariel. 2 - Given - Cult of the Kraken.
The Fanciest Boots homebrew James 9/8/2019 yes Galvan
Fetish of the Forgotten Fool homebrew Nickolas ??? Yes Armastus Taken from Hector's Corpse
Fiddle of the Thorned Nightwalker homebrew Davidson ??? Yes Tera —-
Figurine of Wondrous Power (golden lions) DMG Rebecca 02/23/2020 No Eli
Fluffy Bunny Tail homebrew Dan 8/28/2019 yes Zerck
Frolic homebrew James 9/22/2019 yes Maevis —-
Frost Reaver homebrew James 11/16/2019 yes Borivik —-
Gambler's Broadsword homebrew Jesse 2/16/2010 Yes Torkun —-
Garala's Dusk Longsword homebrew Mark 10/23/2019 yes Galvan 1 - Brynja. 2 - Trade - Board. 3 - Gift (?) - Galvan
Gem of Seeing DMG Patrick 1/8/2020 Yes Elyria
Ghost Prison Amulet homebrew Dan ??? Yes Almer needs verification
Gilly Club homebrew James 3/7/20 no Qieltar Enchanted by Fancyscale
Glowing Claw homebrew Dalton 1/19/20 yes Atwood
Gloves of Missle Snaring PHB Davidson 12/4/2019 yes GARG 1 Clicknclack. 2 GARG.
Greataxe of Korazak homebrew Jude 10/23/2019 Yes Revan renamed giant slayer (DMG)
Hat of vermin XGE Jude 7/31/2019 No (D) Zren
Headband of intellect DMG Jude 10/9/2019 Yes Revan
Helmet of the Royal Guardian homebrew Davidson 2/23/2020 Yes Brynja
Hive Master's Pendant homebrew James 7/7/2019 yes Stodenmire
Insignia of Claws ToD Nick No Deucalion 1 Blitz Meowgi. 2 Deucaleon.
Isgalor, Hydra’s Bane homebrew Mark 3/1/2020 Yes Galvan —-
Javelin of lightning DMG Jude 6/27/2019 yes Haldir
Johnny LMoP Marty 11/3/2019 Yes Brynja 1 - Baern. 2 - Died - Brynja.
Keylock Stone (#7) DMG Nick 8/25/2019 yes Aidan 1 Ezra. 2 Errol. 3 Galvan. 4 Deucaleon. 5 Blitz. 6 Aidan.
Lenses of Tracing homebrew Jude 1/5/2020 Yes Katla —-
Lightning Arc Gauntlets homebrew Patrick 12/11/2019 yes Gethrisj
Longbow of the Elements homebrew Matias Yes
Longsword of Light homebrew Ken ??? Yes Nevrus needs verification (Mark)
Malcolm Bradford's Shield homebrew Davidson 1/29/2020 yes Galvan
Mariner's armor DMG Mark 6/19/2019 no Zorian
Mariner's armor DMG Bryce 1/22/20 no Jade
Mantle of Refraction homebrew James 2/14/2019 yes Kaia Fancyscale enchanted
Medallion of Gretirrai homebrew Jude 10/2/2019 yes Flint Fireforge
Menran's Copper Coin homebrew Mark 10/20/2019 no Terra
Merciful Verdict homebrew ??? ??? Yes Nevrus 1-Alexander. 2-Nevrus.
The Mimic Weapon homebrew Jesse 10/11/2019 Yes Eli 1 Paytrin. 2 Eli.
Moon-Shadow flute homebrew Marty 7/31/2019 yes (R) Cleo
Morgan's Ring of Proof Against Detection homebrew Davidson 1/29/2020 yes Runt
Necklace of adaptation DMG Jude 8/28/2019 yes Stopp
Necklace of Spores homebrew Mat 1/22/20 yes Freyja
Needle of the Mánnímloth homebrew Davidson 9/18/2019 no Galvan
Nuthixa's Amulet of Control homebrew Mark 1/19/2020 yes Errol
Odachi of Rhalto the Red DMG Mark 1/26/2020 yes JT
Oefelion's Blade homebrew Marty 12/1/2019 yes Gethrisj
Orb of Lillend Quartz homebrew Jesse 11/24/2019 Yes Atwood —-
Ottast homebrew James 10/26/2019 No (R) Zentariel 1 - Baern. 2 - Bought - Zentariel.
The Pantheist's Pendant homebrew James 10/12/2019 yes Errol —-
Pearl of power DMG Mark 6/26/2019 yes Errol 1 (D) Ezra. 2 Errol.
Periapt of health + Ersatz eye DMG/XGE Jude 7/31/2019 Yes Revan Periapt of health in the form of an ersatz eye that must be inserted into your eye socket
Periapt of proof against poison PHB Dan 8/7/2019 no Cibriel
Periapt of Wound Closure (Cursed) homebrew Jude 6/26/2019 yes Thorin
Pipe of the smoke monster XGE Mark 7/21/2019 no (R) Max
Pipes of haunting XGE Mark 7/21/2019 no (R) Zentariel
Plate Armor of Unnatural Pristineness homebrew Sam ??? No Cupcake —-
Poison Tongue Dagger homebrew Dalton 2/16/20 yes Jade
A Prank of No Small Scale homebrew James 10/5/2019 yes Nevrus
Rapier +1 DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes (R) Max 1 - Max. 2 - destroyed.
Ribbon of disguise homebrew Marty 9/28/2019 no (D) Hector 1-Zentariel (Crafted). 2-Galvan. 3-Hector.
Ribbon of disguise homebrew Marty 10/5/2019 no Errol 1-Zentariel (Crafted). 2-Errol.
Ribbon of disguise homebrew Marty 10/5/2019 no Satoru 1-Zentariel (Crafted). 2-Satoru.
Ring of Mindshield DMG Davidson 1/29/2020 yes JT
Ring of protection DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes Galvan
Ring of protection DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes (D) Zren
Ring of protection DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes (D) Worthier
Ring of the Rat King homebrew Patrick 10/2/1029 yes Gypsum
Ring of Mirror Image homebrew Weavers 2/12/2020 Yes Shimmer —-
Ring of Shield homebrew Ken 9/1/2019 yes Flint Fireforge
Ring of Spores homebrew Mat 2/26/20 yes Freyja
Riptide Staff homebrew Mark 3/8/20 Yes Runt
Robe of Lights homebrew Mark 2/16/20 yes Aolo
Rod of the Dao Oak homebrew Jesse 10/16/2019 yes Corrin
Red Sash homebrew Davidson ???? Yes Ember 1 Maggie. 2 Ember.
Rod of Stone Summoning homebrew James 9/29/2019 yes unknown
Robe of eyes DMG Nick 9/11/2019 yes (D) Zren
Screaming Head homebrew Jesse 2/5/2020 No Jade —-
Shield +1 DMG Marty 7/17/2019 yes Borivik
The Singing Stone homebrew James 12/7/2019 no Flint —-
Singing Ring homebrew Jesse 11/10/2019 Yes Alexander —-
Sling of Greed homebrew Matias ??? Yes Vanuath —-
Slippers of spider climbing DMG Marty 8/18/2019 yes (R) Cleo 1 - Finn. 2 - Death - Cleo.
Skeleton Key homebrew Patrick ??? No Jade 1 ???. 2 Jade.
Smashed Summoning Candle homebrew Mark 1/29/20 yes Kevrik
Smoldering splint armor XGE Jesse 10/16/2019 no Edric
The Snake Sheds Its Skin homebrew James 2/8/2020 yes Gethrisj Fancyscale Item
Spark of Madness homebrew Davidson 8/28/2019 yes Kevrik
Spear of the Dawn homebrew Mark 7/23/2019 yes Ixi
Spear of the Deep Cavern homebrew Mark ??? yes Storm
The Spellguard Circle homebrew James ??? ??? Errol 1 (D) Ezra (fanciest ring). 2 Errol.
Staff of the Broken Altars homebrew ??? 2/23/2020 ? Goldie —-
Staff of the waves homebrew Dan 8/25/2019 yes (D) Zren
Staff of Spell Storing homebrew Dan 11/24/19 ??? Pietro
Sword of the Unknown Hero homebrew Mark ?? yes House Floshem 1 - Board. 2 - Trade - Brynja. 3 - Taken - House Floshem
Stodenmire's Cape of the Mountebank homebrew Mark 7/17/2019 no Stodenmire
Stung homebrew Mark 2/8/2020 yes Revan Traded to Revan by Kujo
Sun Blade DMG Jude 02/23/2020 No Alexander
Talking doll XGE Nick 9/11/2019 Yes Galvan
Tentacle Rod DMG Mark 12/8/2019 Yes Freyja
Token of the Exarch homebrew Mark 8/28/2019 yes (D) Finn
Trident of fish command DMG Mark 7/14/2019 yes Cirilla 1 - Errol. 2 - Trade - Zentariel. 3 - Gift - Cirilla
Tsunami homebrew Dan ??? Yes Civip 1 Revan. 2 Civip.
Undead Killer homebrew The Weavers ~ 2/1/2020 Yes Griffon —-
Unholy Temple of Ooziness Gloves homebrew Dan 10/13/2019 yes Galvan
The Unyielding Blade homebrew James 9/14/2019 yes Kujo Traded to Kujo by Revan
The Urstrix Mask homebrew James 2/1/2020 yes Jade Fancyscale Item
Victory Greataxe homebrew Mark 7/10/2019 yes Karst
Veil's Burden homebrew Marty 10/27/2019 no Maevis 1 Kalys. 2 Maevis.
Veil's Promise homebrew Marty 10/27/2019 no Maevis 1 Kalys. 2 Maevis.
The Watcher's Halo homebrew Rebecca 10/27/2019 yes House Floshem 1 - JT. 2 - Taken - House Floshem.
Wand of magic missiles DMG Ken 7/28/2019 no (D) Zren
Wand of Shifting Sands homebrew James 1/18/2020 yes Kappa —-
Wand of smiles XGE Matias 9/18/2019 no Fancyscale 1 Enailis. 2 -Found- Goldie. 3 -Gift- Fancyscale.
Wand of the Unicorn homebrew ??? ??? Yes Tera —-
Wand of Unstable Healing homebrew Dan 12/04/19 ??? Ralzuk —-
Warmtusk Tunic homebrew James ??? yes Aidan
Warpick of the Stonemother homebrew Marty 9/29/2019 yes Flint Fireforge
Wooden Shield of the Eladrin Wilds homebrew Sam 2/2/2020 yes Eagle
Zassa's Sword homebrew Jude 9/11/2019 yes Dragone
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